The definitive guide to find the best Surface Pro 3 case

Surface pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft is the 3rd generation hybrid tablet that can be turned into a laptop. With similar internals like the ultrabook, it’s a complete Windows 8 PC. There is a striking big difference, though, that being, the latest model is silver in colour instead of the earlier black and is only 9.1 mm thick. Although this device has only just been released a few days ago in May, it’s available on the market.

Owing to the fact this the Surface Pro 3 is a very recent release, cases for it might not be that prevalent as yet. However, here you can read a basic guide to help you choose perfect surface pro 3 case.

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Top Rated Case Covering For Surface Pro 3

Manvex Leather Case for the Microsoft Surface Pro Fintie Folio Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ProCase Wallet Sleeve Case for Microsoft Surface PRO 3 ProCase Premium Folio Case with Stand for Microsoft Surface PRO 3
12 x 8 x 0.5 inches ; 1.6 ounces
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The Design

surface pro 3 case

There are not many options of cases for the Surface Pro 3 series. However, this does not signify that there are not any available. Leather cases offer some style through its dual quality finish. This type of case is absolutely compatible with the Surface pro 3 keyboard too. Some case features a spot to grasp a stylus and even numerous viewing perspectives.

Through numerous possible the circumstances, many cases allow for hands-free tablet use. These cases are also ones that conform to drop test military standards, which takes safety to higher levels. These cases also dissipate heat from the vents behind the Surface Pro 3 device. Crafted from waterproof frog skin, they are feather light and adjust to 5 positions with the aluminium stand provided.

Then there are slim fit cases made with PU leather. They have a soft interior that cushions the device. The premium folio cover case has its interior and exterior made from soft premium leather. It maintains a professional appearance with great wear and tear protection for everyday use. The tablet is secured in its place through quality Velcro, and viewing angles can be adjusted to stand at about any angle desired. Moreover, this type of case fits easy and perfectly like a glove. However, there are cases that help to absorb shocks from careless knocks.

The Features

Touch Cover offers dual support as an ultra thin sensitive keyboard and trackpad

  • Ergonomic design
  • Front and back quality HD clear film
  • 5 position adjustable aluminium stand
  • Protection against scratches, stains and knocks
  • Ultra Violet (UV) screen protector
  • Lightweight and sleek
  • Cool carbon fibre look and feel
  • Swivels itself
  • Can become a sleeve and has a hand strap
  • Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard case
  • In-built stand and flat design
  • Triple functions – carrying holder, keyboard and stand
  • Complete access to every feature and ports
  • Bubble-free crystal shield
  • Lessens dust, oil smudges and fingerprints
  • Zipper carrying storage sleeve case
  • Ultra portable handle
  • Flexible, durable and rugged
  • Full body skin protector
  • Premium Folio Case
  • Black Type Cover
  • PU leather, microfiber interior
  • Water and scratch proof
  • Free lifetime replacement warranty

The Price

Prices usually depend from place to place and also, on special offers, sale and outlet items. The cheapest Surface Pro 3 case is priced at US$14.00, whereas the higher end models can cost up to US$ 1,499.99. Most websites have special offers and discounts on the purchase of certain items and on the total fixed amount. However, these discounts and special offers may vary with every online site.

The Quality

surface pro quality cover
Some surface pro 3 cover with an aluminium finish has no troubles with scratches. The more recent and protective case has a microfiber and PU leather finish. So, no dust and scratches can leave any marks. Leather material is well known for its protective quality.

Besides, a cork case based on the looks is a recyclable style option. With its durable and natural material, it is ideally suitable with stylish lines. Neoprene is a water-resistant material. For frequent travels, this is the best case to buy since its shock-absorbing, lightweight and durable.

Faux fur and nylon cases are lightweight and scratch proof as well. Furthermore, almost all cases are waterproof, scratch-proof and are ultra slim and rugged.


comfortable table cover
Surface Pro 3 cases allow a lot of ways to hook up to the external devices such as Bluetooth, USB, and Display Port and so on. These make it easy to expand the tablet’s existing memory, connect to an external screen, fix a keyboard and wireless mouse and offer more comfortable settings.

The surface pro 3 sleeve provides comfort when used at meetings, laid back on the couch, powering the workstation when in bed while standing in the subway or on the back seat of a taxicab. Whether you are searching a movie or updating the Excel document, the case fades into the environment, allowing for better usage of the tablet.

Type of Case for Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 sleeve

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Inateck Surface Pro 3 Protective Carrying Sleeve Bag Envelope Case – A sleeve made of neoprene provides adequate protection from day to day wear and tear of the device. It also helps to absorb the shocks from careless knocks.

Surface Pro 3 case

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Fintie Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Case – A folio case frame holds the Pro 3 tightly in position. Instead of real leather, it’s made from polyurethane and the lining is a soft microfiber material. For the business traveller, the briefcase bag is practically ideal. The pocket is nicely padded through a fluffy material and a foam-filled interior. The outer surface is a hard neoprene surface. For any additions, in the front there is a big zippered pocket. At the back, the zippered pocket is perfect for any official paperwork. For carrying with ease, the handle is strengthened and cushioned and there is an optional choice of a detachable shoulder strap.

Surface pro 3 keyboard

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URBAN ARMOR GEAR Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – The Surface Pro 3 comes with the slimmest keyboard with better touchpad aspects than the earlier model. The Type Cover enhances the Surface Pro 3 to the best premium laptop. Besides, to provide stability with the improved magnetic cover, one can work comfortably at the desk or on the lap. The enhanced flexible in-built stand fixes onto the tablet more firmly.

When placed on the lap, it offers a firm and comfortable experience while typing. They are available in 5 colours with intensely backlit keys. Surface Pro Type Cover offers functionality and speed of a classic type of laptop keyboard. Its features are:

Surface Pro Type Cover offers functionality and speed of a classic type of laptop keyboard. Its features are:

  • Functions as a screen guard
  • Backlit keys
  • Ultra-thin 5mm form factor
  • For typing rapidly, mechanical keys
  • East to navigate Windows shortcut keys, media controls, function keys (F1 to F12)

Surface Pro 3 case leather

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ProCase Wallet Sleeve Case for Surface 3 radiates quality and sophistication. Created for best quality leather the Tradition ideally balances the attractive curves of the Surface Pro 3. It offers flexible protection that appears and feels luxurious.

The black colour Tradition leather case is specially crafted for the Surface Pro 3 and offers a completely ideal fit. Moreover, the Noreve Tradition does not need to be taken off since the customized cut-outs provide access to all the features, ports and functions all the time. Moreover, when not being used and with the case closed, precious battery life is saved. After opening the cover, there’s no need for any buttons to press, it awakes automatically.

Surface Pro 3 case with strap

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Crafted for superior protection and durability, the multi-layered Capture Case is the perfect choice for a rugged protection. The case provides the best possible versatility, features a handy 360-degree revolving handle and an adaptable strap which offers extra protection.

Through everyday escapades be fully aware that the device is completely protected. Its main features are:

  • Protection is secured from the elements through dust and splash proof sealed ports
  • A comfortable and firm grasp in hand through a 360-degree revolving handle with adaptable a strap
  • Multi-layered ultra-rugged design is created from shock absorbent silicone and firm Plex tomium polycarbonate solid covering
  • Among the harshest of drops, the soft inside lining enhances anti-impact padding

Surface Pro 3 case incipio

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Incipio Capture for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Safeguard the screen with Incipio’s Flexible glass screen protection. Flexible glass provides durable and slight exposure to the device’s screen. This type of flexible glass protector is chemically prepared for the utmost strength. It protects the screen from scratches and endures severe impacts. Through an anti-smudge covering, the protector does not get in the way of the screen’s visibility. Hence, for a complete screen protection, it’s the definitive solution.

Surface Pro 3 keyboard

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover (Blue) – The keyboard is compatible with Windows tablets, Android and iPhone Smartphone’s. It’s amongst the slimmest keyboards available.

The following keyboard feature’s are:

  • Operating system button permits easy toggle among devices
  • Cordless Bluetooth HID technology
  • Tablet and Smartphone stand included
  • Removable case facilitates easy-on and easy-off aspect
  • A single charge 6 months usage rechargeable battery

Surface Pro 3 type cover

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover (Red) – Similar to the Touch Cover, the Type Cover is designed by Microsoft. Through a proprietary connection, the Surface Pro 3 is linked. For a more comfortable and memorable typing experience, it provides separate mechanical keys. It has a trackpad, which is suitable for users that do lots of typing as it permits a fast work speed and a considerably further relaxed typing experience. It’s designed specifically for productive users. A complete row of media controls, shortcut keys and function keys (F1 to F12) are the physical attributes.

Surface Pro 3 cover

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The best possible way to protect the tablet is to secure it with a Surface Pro 3 cover. It needs to perfectly fit the tablet for a safe and snugly feel. The cover saves the tablet from knocks, scratches and spills. Buying one from the manufacturer can be expensive, as there are many online vendors offering cheaper options. Though the popular colours are either black or brown, various colours have an appeal to both men and women.

In due course of time, there are a lot of factors that help in deciding the cover of choice. If a lot of typing is done on the move or be it favouring a stylish or sleek look, there is a case for all. It might be possible that one could be prone to a lot of accidents and require something modest that may not be noticeable, as to holding an expensive electronic device. It might even be either one of the different mentioned circumstances. In the end, it’s your decision that matters.

Where to buy?

There are a lot of online web stores that offer competitive prices on the Surface Pro 3 cases, sleeves and other accessories. The most favourable place to buy a Surface Pro 3 case is from the Amazon online store. Amazon is the retail leader that most people flock to for any purchases. You can buy the case from Amazon, which is noted for its good pricing, fast shipping and excellent customer service as well.

However, if required to view the case prior to buying, there are quite a lot of brick and mortar shops available. As an additional advantage, Microsoft offers a free of cost Surface Pro 3 cover when the product is purchased or else it cost US $50.00.

Although Best Buy offers competitive prices on the Surface Pro case, it’s similar to what most online stores offer. The eBay online store is another good place to buy the Surface Pro 3 accessories. An Incipio case for Surface Pro 3 makes sure of best possible coverage and security. The Incipio Capture case for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 offers a 360-degree revolving handle and an adaptable strap. Moreover, most web stores offer 1 year, 2 years and the lifetime warranty on the cases.

How to buy with cheaper price?

Most online stores offer discounts, coupon codes with bundle and deals on Surface Pro 3 cases. With higher education offers, tertiary students, faculty and staff can save up to 10% on the tablet cases.

There is also free shipping on the certain amount of purchases. Moreover, various website offers different discount rates on the Surface Pro 3 case. Do check the online stores for updates.

Nevertheless, practically all retail online stores accept payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal, leaving you with no hassles.