The 11 Best Iphone Accessories You Need to Have Now

The 11 Best IPhone Accessories That You Need to Have Now

Here are the best new gadgets to accessorize your iPhone with. Not only are they sleek and stylish, they will revolutionize the way you use, interact with and charge your iPhone, as well as the way you interact with the world around you. Get ready because the way you use your iPhone is about to be taken to the next level.

#11. Blublocker Sunglasses

If you’re looking at a screen late at night before bed, then you should wear these Blublocker sunglasses, which block the harmful blue rays from your eyes so you will be able to quickly get to sleep after.

#10. Cabin

I can think of countless instances where I have been out on the way to meet friends, and when I am 5 minutes away, my heart rate speeds up nervously when I see the red sliver on my phone and a low battery message pop up. My stomach sinks and I send a text that says “Hey don’t worry, I’ll be there, but I may not be able to contact you by phone..let’s just meet at the door.” This experience is unnerving and uncomfortable and you feel like you are letting your friends and yourself down. Even when I charge my phone the night before, it always ends up as a sliver by the end of the day.

Because we use our iPhone batteries so much, the power drains quickly and we have to continuously recharge our phones. This continuous charging is becoming unavoidable and frustrating problem. The Cabin commitment is to not only make a better external battery but to improve the charging experience itself. Cabin is designed to work perfectly with all versions of the iPhone. It has an aluminum unibody construction that enables Cabin to be both thin and light.

Cabin preserves the iPhone’s solid build quality without adding unnecessary bulk. It also has a specially designed micro adapter. Cabin can easily be connected and affixed to the iPhone. Its magnetic connection is fast, precise and flexible. Inside Cabin is a twenty-two hundred million per hour lithium battery that helps extend your iPhone’s life almost one and a half times, so you have no more embarrassing moments like those I can recall so many times on the train or in the car on the way to meet up with people.

Thanks to the non wrap design and use of aluminum Cabin retains the sleek in hand feel of the iPhone. So that charging is even more convenient it is designed with a special adapter to work with Cabin allowing you to easily charge your iPhone. Initially Cabin’s designers considered wireless electromagnetic charging but this would have required a very large external case to house the induction coils. Instead they decided on a more convenient way to charge the iPhone with simply a the magnetic connection similar to the MagSafe power cord and MacBook. This is a much more effective charging design and is simply a joy to use. When in need of a charge, Cabin is extremely easy to snap onto your iPhone, allowing unimpeded and continued use. Cabin is the modern battery for iPhone with a humanized design and many would say that it represents the most perfect charging experience yet.

#9. Pressy

Smartphones are a brilliant invention. They function as our camera, our GPS, our flashlight, and can even function as our entire computer. The Pressy app developers did a good job making the user interface and experience as simple and intuitive as possible. Pressy is a new way to control and automate your everyday smartphone actions.

Pressy is a tiny physical button that connects to your headphone jack and unique signals to an intuitive app that can activate one of many commands. Here are some of the many things you can do with your Pressy: take instant photos and upload them to your favorite social network, turn on your LED light central location for emergencies., star a discrete tape, check into your favorite social network and many more available actions.

Pressy is not just a one trick pony or one button click action tool, you can easily configure the Pressy app to execute different actions for different sequences of clicks. For example in two short clicks you can call your mom and two long clicks can call your dad. If you want to use your headphones it is not a problem, just rest your Pressy in the special keychain it comes with and use the headphone button as Pressy and everything still functions as normal. Pressy even has an API for developers that will bring even more cool features to Pressy in the future.

#8. Sonicable

Who would have ever thought all of our phones would A) be completely wireless and B) hold our entire lives in them plus C) be our still picture and high-quality video cameras. Completely crazy and mind-blowing I know. We have seen advancements in mobile phone technology that have surpassed our wildest imagination but the biggest problem with these devices is that they rely on batteries and more often than not these batteries are unable to hold a charge, like I mentioned above, my issues with meeting friends while my phone is completely out of battery. Although the devices have evolved the charging technology has not and still lags unimpressively behind. That’s why I have included a few charging gadgets in this review. Chargers of the future that catch up to the advanced nature of your smartphone.

Sonicable is one of these devices. Its innovative engineering allows you to charge your device twice as fast as a normal charging device. So in my case I could stop home, quickly fully charge my device and then head out to meet friends with a full battery instead of being nervous about my phone dying yet again.

How it works: when you’re done syncing data slide the switch to the on position to instantly go into Sonic mode which unleashes double the charge power of a regular charging cable to charge your device in half the time. Sonicable was created to be the most advanced charge cable on the market with absolutely no feature left out. Its innovative dual sided USB technology means you never have to worry about which side is up when you plug it in. It works both ways every time no matter what. It is also built to last with aluminum connectors on both ends it won’t crack or break when life gets in the way, which life inevitably does!

It is also conveniently backed with a lifetime guarantee. I always break things so this is great news for me. Sonicable is Apple MFI certified and 20% longer than your normal USB charge cable so you can besure it will reach where you need it to. It is engineered with braided nylon fiber and you can choose from five stylish colors. The Sonicable is 25% thicker than a standard USB cable which makes it more durable and tangle-free.

#7. Ollie

Race a cyndrical device using your iphone as a controller. So fun! People need to play more in my opinion and this is just a fun device (for adults and kids) to play with and race with.

#6. Magbak

Magbak is a magnetic iphone case that you can stick on your mirror or whiteboard or any magnetic surface to hang up your iphone.

The small profile and beautiful finish allow Magbak to blend into the background. When you bring the phone close the magnets pool and secure it into place. It is just as easy to take off as it is to put on any magnetic surface. It is awesome because it is so simple. The complex layers that make it work are invisible to the naked eye. Magbak is the world’s thinnest mounting solution for your iPhone. The design flawlessly integrates into your life, as well as was carefully designed not to disrupt or make any current iPhone functions inaccessible. For example, it was designed with custom magnets to allow LTE, GPS, and Wifi to all work with zero issues.

The case itself is made out of three layers to deliver great protection in case of a drop yet it is just over 1 mm thin and of course it comes in a variety of beautiful colors. The Magbak has an elegant metallic finish that will look great on any surface. It was made with special, rare, earth magnets that are super strong and allow your phone to mount portrait or landscape style.

There is also a Magbak for iPad that has similar functionality of allowing the iPad to stick to magnetic surfaces without interfering with function and while looking stylish at the same time.

#5. Prynt

Prynt is the first smartphone case that prints out pictures instantly. It is really easy to use and does not require blue tooth technology or WiFi. You can take a new picture but you can also use pictures from Facebook, Instagram , or any picture that that is already on your smartphone and print it out instantly.

It is compatible with the iPhone 5 iPhone 6 and also the Galaxys4 and s5. You don’t need a cartridge because the ink is already in the case, you just have to print from your phone. It is an entire experience not just a photo; before your picture is snapped, Prynt will capture and record a short video of 5/6 seconds before you take a pic.

The Prynt makers wanted it to go further than just printing pictures, they wanted to create memories that you could hold in your hands and that you could give away whenever you wanted. Prynt is for everybody because everybody likes printed picture that you can hold in there and collect memories around that you can keep or give away.

#4. iPin

iPin makes it so now you can be presentation ready anytime anywhere with just your iPhone. The iPin fits neatly into the headphone jack of any iPhone and can be used as a professional laser pointer that uses about as much power as it takes to play a song.

Download the iPhone app to operate your laser pointer with simple thumb movements. Connect to your computer and your iPhone can now intuitively flip the pages of your presentation. With a simple swipe up your thumb a cursor appears and you can interact with their presentation using your iPhone screen as a trackpad. The app even has a countdown alarm to keep your presentation running on time.

The iPin is so small you can leave it in your phone without affecting its functionality. Your phone still remains a phone just turn the iPin ninety degrees to take a call or a conveniently clip your headphones for storing. It also comes in several different colors with stylish case. The iPin is easy to install and even easier to use. Take your iPin anywhere to take any presentation to the next level.

#3. Galileo

A device that turns holds and turns your iphone from your control point so you can view video and see any view from the phone, computer or iPad that you are video chatting or screensharing with. Just swipe your finger on the screen and Galileo reacts. Galileo is a revolutionary pan tilt accessory for your IOS device. The founder’s initial motivation to build the device was so he would be able to have video chats with his son and always be able to see his constantly moving child on the screen. The Galileo device gives your complete control and visibility. It is also portable and pretty slick looking. The functionality is so simple and to make it move all you have to do is swipe your finger on the screen.

Its functionality is revolutionary not only for your average video chatter but also for photographers and cinematographers who want to film everything from a time-lapse to a visually pleasing panoramic project. This accessory also has an SDK for app developers. Photo apps, video apps, facial recognition apps, game apps, really the possibilities are endless for what Galileo will be able to do in the future. It is small and able to sit anywhere, it can hang or sit on a table or be held in your hand.

#2. Popslate

What if your smartphone case could do much more than just protect your phone. Introducing Popslate, the smartphone smartcase. Your smartphone deserves its own smart case. Popslate literally transforms the back of your iPhone into a fullsize screen. Imagine the possibilities. You can instantly customize the back of your iPhone to display anything from eye-catching pictures to eye-catching information. Glance at your schedules, routines, calendar, directions, to do lists and much more without having to unlock your iPhone.

The Popslate uses an e-paper screen that uses much less batter than looking at the inside of your power hungry iPhone. I had to insert another battery saving device, as we know from the above accessories, I have trouble running out of phone battery, as I am sure many of you also do. Popslate is the case that finally does something smart for your smartphone.

#1. Poppy 3D

This list of gadgets is in no particular order, even though they are all numbered. Poppy 3D is the final iPhone accessory I will be reviewing today.

Poppy turns your iPhone into a 3d camera and viewer all in one. Poppy 3D makes you feel like you’re stepping into another world. You can plug your iphone into this device to view and capture 3D pictures and videos. Poppy works due to its 3D technology that captures images on the left and right at the same time similar to how your eyes actually work in real life which allows you to see a 3D image or moving picture in its viewing screen. All you see is a single 3d view. It is also made using absolutely no electronics, just optics so there are no batteries to recharge ever. No batteries is a huge plus, obviously. People have already shared thousands of 3D videos and clips using Poppy. Poppy also plays well with social media and you can also view any content through flicker, or Youtube or Twitter.

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