Top 10 Helpful Accessories For Your Surface Pro 3

A Surface Pro 3 is not a cheap device, you will probably spend a whopping $800 on it. It, therefore, makes perfect sense that you should take care of it in the best way possible to ensure that it last as long as possible. Cases, covers, and accessories offer your tablet maximum protection and are a good investment. Here are a few things that you need to take into consideration when you are choosing which, case, cover or accessories to get.


All accessories work by protecting your device from damage caused by falls or scratches. The surface pro 3 case that you get should not affect the convenience of using your device. The case or cover should be easy to use, easy to attach and detach. If getting a cover, make sure it has the capability of the screen turning off when you close the tablet.

The Features

Surface pro 3 accessories come in different sizes and shapes. However, since your device is a handheld device you should not have too much weight to hold otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to use. Hence, always go for the accessories that will not add too much weight to your device.

A good case cover, for instance, is one that is easy to carry around and weighs as little as possible, for example, it should weigh about 2.4lbs, keyboard included. A thin case cover is also your best bet.


The size of the surface pro 3 keyboard or sleeve should also match the size of your Surface Pro 3 to ensure that it fits perfectly. Most accessories come in a default size. It is best to stay away from default sizes and order for the actual size of your Surface Pro 3. Normally a perfect fitting Surface Pro should be about 12.5 by 9.12 by 1 inches.


Durability is an important feature in the type of surface pro 3 cover or accessories that you are going to buy. You do not want something that will get spoiled in just a matter of months. Look out for the most durable materials such as vinyl, polycarbonate, and PU leather.


When you get a case covering that is the right size, made from durable material and weighs just right then they will work efficiently and will keep your device protected from all forms of damage ensuring that your device stays functional for a very long time.

The Advantages

The biggest advantage of a Surface Pro 3 cover and some accessories is that they protect your device from damage. It will not easily spoil if it falls and it has a cover because the rubber cover will keep it protected. Accessories also protect your device from dirt and scratches.

Professionally made accessories and case cover ensure that your device stays protected without interfering with the devices ports and keyboard. You do not need to remove your case just to charge your device.

Accessories offer your device a personality and you can decorate it with whichever design that you want to leave it looking beautiful and unique.

The Cost

The cost depends on the type of cover and accessory that you are buying. Accessories are mainly less expensive than covers. Covers can cost up to $130 while some accessories such as the Slim book can be as little as $5. So the cost really depends on what you are looking for.

Here are the 10 best surface pro 3 cases that you should consider getting for your Surface Pro 3.

Surface Pro Type Cover

The Pro Type cover is manufactured by Microsoft to specifically fit a Surface Pro 3. So if you get this cover you can be sure that it will fit your device perfectly. The cover is very thin, you can barely tell it is on your device. They make your device look professional and sophisticated.

The cover does not interfere with the keyboard and you will find that typing with the cover in place is very easy. The cover’s magnetic strip making it possible to fold the keyboard up and you can then comfortably place the Surface Pro on your laptops and continue working. The cover comes with a QWERTY keyboard that has backlit keys that make it easy to work in the dark. Though expensive, this cover is your best bet for protecting your Surface pro from any kind of damage.

Cost: [amazonprice id=”9″]

Surface Pen

If you use your Surface Pro 3 to do a lot of writing or even drawing then this accessory will be of great benefit to you. Even though we believe that this should come as part of the package and not separately from the device, we still think it is a good buy for someone who is going to write a lot. The Surface pen makes it much easier to do your writing and it has some nice added features such as the ability to right-click, an eraser connection via Bluetooth and also a shortcut that you can use to open OneNote. The other great thing about this pen is that is very light and has an easy grip.

Cost: [amazonprice id=”10″]

EEEKit Starter Kit

This very affordable starter kit comes quite in handy especially if you are using the Surface pro for the first time. The kit comes with a pouch made from velvet material that you can store your tablet in. it also has a three ports USB hub that you can use to plug three accessories at the same time such as your charger, earphones, and mouse. The kit also comes with a wireless mouse, a cleaning cloth to clean your tablet and the small bag to throw in all the added accessories.

Cost:[amazonprice id=”11″]

Poetic Slim book or Slimline

These two are very affordable simply because they are made from fake leather which is also very durable so don’t imagine that they will not last long because they have fake leather. They are both lined up with microfiber to ensure they protect your device from scratches. The two options allow automatic sleep/wake function of your device’s screen.

Cost:[amazonprice id=”12″]

Corkor Case and Sleeve

If you are looking for a stylish case and sleeve, then your best bet is the Corkor products. They are unique handcrafted cases and sleeves that are also eco-friendly and come in a wide range of colors that you can choose from. The case comes with a very convenient flap that flips over the top of the tablet. The sleeve, on the other hand, has a zip at the top and also has a hand strap for easy portability. They both has a good layer of padding that is effective in protecting your tablet in case they fall and prevent bumps and scratches.

Cost: [amazonprice id=”13″]

Elsse Premium Folio Case

A folio case is perfect for holding your tablet in place. Keeping your tablet in place protects it from scratches. It is made of polyurethane, which is not a bad material. It is well designed to ensure that you have easy access to ports and the keyboard so you do not have to remove the tablet from the case when you are using it.

Cost: [amazonprice id=”14″]

IVSO Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio Case

This is one of the cheapest cases that you will find in the market. The one reason that it is much cheaper than the Type cover is because it is made from fake leather which interesting is quite durable just as real leather. The case has a removable Bluetooth keyboard and a stand that you can use to place your tablet on your laps and you can easily use it as you are seated on a couch. For $30 it is quite efficient!

Cost: [amazonprice id=”15″]

Evecase Briefcase Bag ($16)

If you travel a lot and you need to carry your Surface Pro 3 with you, then you need a good bag that will keep it protected from damage. The Evecase briefcase bag is a good affordable choice. It has a padded pocket that you can keep the tablet in. the exterior of the bag is made from hard neoprene which is really good material. The bag is not heavy and it has a padded handle to make it comfortable to carry around. The bag has extra compartments that you can use to throw in a few things such as your paperwork.

Cost: [amazonprice id=”16″]

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

Another option of protecting your tablet without having to use a case or cover is suing a screen and body protectors. Such accessories are quite affordable and they offer maximum protection for your tablet against scratches. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that when your tablet falls it will be protected. The advantage of screen and body protectors is that they are not as bulky as cases and covers. ArmorSuit offers a lifetime warranty that you can use to replace warped or scratched protectors. The downside of screen protectors is that they may make it difficult to use a Surface pen as some protectors interfere with the touch functionality.

Cost: [amazonprice id=”17″]

Satechi 3-Port USB Hub and Ethernet Adaptor

If you want extra cables and adapters go for the Satechi USB hub with three ports. Besides the three ports, this hubs also has an Ethernet port with speeds up to 5.0Gbps. The hub is easy to use as you simply need to plug and start using after installing the driver provided with the hub.

Cost: [amazonprice id=”18″]

Hope you can find pick the right one from our list of surface pro 3 accessories.

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