Best 14 iPhone 6 Cases

The Best 14 iPhone 6 Cases

When you buy a brand new iPhone 6 it’s hard to quickly decide which case is right for you! Luckily there plenty of options and you should be able to find the perfect case for you.

The iPhone 6 is such a slippery phone, so you definitely have to have a case in your phone as you can see the aluminum casing natively on your phone is just not grippy enough. It’s also important to have a case on your phone to protect if from scratches and breakage as well, since none of us are perfect and often drop things.

We’re going to review a bunch of different cases and help you find one that fits your needs. I’ll recommend my favorites and guide you through the pros and cons of each case.

The best iPhone 6 cases these range from simple to flashy to even ones that double as wallets and hold all of your stuff. Here we go, without further ado, let’s take a look at 16 of the best options:

#1. Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 6 Case

This is a metal this case that is quite the looker. You can get it in about a billion different color combos. It is a two piece design with a TPU housing as the base for shock absorption that pairs with an aluminum frame to help protect those edges. It’s volume coverings are nice and easy to click and access but you do have to reach a little bit to hit the mute switch.

However the power button is clearly labeled which is nice although it is not as easy to hit as the volume buttons. The entire construction is solid. The cutouts for the camera apple logo and bottom ports are nice and clean but note that the headphone jack and lightning port are a little deep so keep that in mind when you use a dock or have a specific set of headphones in mind.

#2. Speck Candyshell Grip iPhone 6 Case

Like the name implies this case is very grippy. You’re probably already aware that one problem with the iphone 6 design is that it is slippery as f@%* and this without a doubt fixes that. This isn’t the sleekest or flashiest case but it is downright solid.

There is great grip around the edges which in turn lets you get those volume rockers and power button like a champ and the mute switch cut out is not as deep as the neo hybrid metal so it’s definitely a little bit easier to access. The cut out for the headphone jack also isn’t as deep so in this case for example my pair of big headphones fit no problem.

If being slippery is one of the mental complaints you’ve had about the iPhone 6 this is a great way to fix that problem.

#3. I Blast in Halo series Hybrid iPhone 6 Case

This case is for you bumper style fans. This hybrid case gives you a bumpery appearance with a ton of color options. This case very clearly goes around the edges but still protects the back with a transparent backing. In terms of being a nice simple clean looking case this is one of my favorites.

It is not quite as grippy as some of the other cases but it is super lightweight and has a decent amount of protection including front raised edges when you set your phone down. It’s simple, cheap, solid and has a few color options to choose from.

#4. Apple’s Leather iPhone 6 Case

This one definitely isn’t the most cost efficient option but it feels super premium because it is straight from Apple. It fits like a glove and straight-up feels nice. Oh Apple, so good at simple, beautiful, efficient design. It also takes a slightly different approach in the other case that we checked out so far in the sense that the bottom of the iPhone 6 is completely open.

The negative side of this is it is going to leave your phone a little more prone to scratches in that area, but on the positive you will have absolutely no problems fitting headphones of any kind into our iPhone while using this case. Another thing that I will say to keep in mind is that this is leather so it is not going to stay perfectly clean or new looking so do you expect to get a little worn.

#5. Luvvit Clear Grip iPhone 6 Case

Now on the opposite side of the wallet spectrum next up on the list is the Luvvit Clear Grip case which currently comes in under fifteen dollars. There are not a whole lot of colors to choose from but this is another option that will add some serious grip to your phone.

This case has a lot of extra protection around the corner so if you’re someone who is prone to dropping your phone and want something that won’t break the bank but it is pretty solid and unique looking, this is a pretty decent option.

#6. Spigen Wallet iPhone 6 Case

This Spigen case includes a built-in wallets and just like the name implies this is a wallet case for your iPhone 6. Unlike the Apple other case this is synthetic leather so it is not going to be nearly as expensive and actually as of right now it is currently on Amazon for fifteen bucks.

If you’ve used Apple pay chances are you’ll love it but the problem is that not everyone’s adopted it yet so it’s not completely time to ditch the plastic yet. In this case there are three slots for cards & IDs and an opening in the back so you can throw some cash in there. However if you do pick up this case please pay attention to where you place your credit cards.

There is a magnetic lock on the case so you need to pay attention and insert your cards with the magnetic strip on your card closest to the phone if you do it the other way you run a chance of breaking your cards and who has time for that, really.

This case also has one more trick up its sleeve and a doubles as a kickstand. All you do is bring the iPhone out, flip back the magnet, and then boom you’re ready to kick back and watch YouTube your favorite show or movie.

Spigen Air Cushion iPhone 6 Case

Same brand, different case and concept, the Spigen air cushion case is awesome too, with an air cushion to damper your iPhone’s fall. The air cushion case is particularly stylish and protective of your phone. It comes in an array of colors and falls in a very affordable price at just under $16.

#7. Cheap Clear Plastic i-Blason iPhone 6 Case

The seventh case I’m going to describe to you is just a very cheap clear plastic case. It is something of a minimalist case for the type of people who don’t want a case on their phone at all, but also want some sort of slight protection. It’s a very simple snap-in type of case and as you can see it has a clear backing that is very minimal.

It’s better to have a case on your phone than not have a case on your phone and if you’re going to be one of those people that just doesn’t want a case on your phone, but still wants minimal protection from everyday wear and scratches, then this cases this is the way to go. You can still not look like you have a case your phone but you.

Something I would always recommend is having that screen protector your phone regardless of what case you have any ways but you can see this barely does cover the lip of your phone and it has all the openings on the bottom so you don’t have to worry about fitting headphones or any normal phone functions.

This is a very minimalist type of case. It is also a bit tricky to get off and you kind of have to run your nails along the side to pull it off. One small con is that when you do use these type of cases over time they will get kind of scratched up and stuff but it is one of the cheaper options so you can just order a few in advance to switch out when your first one gets too beat up.

#8. Evutec Karbon Case

The next case we’re going to talk about is the new Evutec Carbon Case. This case is super cool because it is actually made out of a official kevlar material. Because of the Kevlar material it is made out of, it is very very thin, and very very light.

It is even lighter than the plastic type of case such as the plain, cheap clear one above. It’s super thin and another minimalist type of case, but made with a stronger, more protective material and giving you a little bit more feel when you hold your phone.

It is very simple. As you can see it doesn’t fully cover that lip around the phone so when you put your phone down it is going to probably smash on your glass if you don’t have a proper screen protector on. It also doesn’t protect the edges insides very well but this is due to it being a minimalist type of case for people who want to keep the thinnest of their phone.

When this case is on your phone you can see all the buttons and even your SIM card tray is fully exposed and you can see on the back it even still shows the nice apple logo on your camera.

#9. CaseMate Glam Case

This case is obviously going to be one more for the ladies due to its flashy, beautiful design. It is a nice, thick type of case as far as giving protection and protects all the way around. It is a two-piece type of case so it snaps apart easily and it is nicely padded inside.

The really nice padded material inside also protects your phone. It also does give that bottom protection all the way around 360. The case button coverings are nice, and gives the buttons full exposure making them easy to press. It does come in a few different colors as well.

The glam in this case really comes out with the sparkle and I know a lot of people are probably wondering is this sparkle going to fall off or get caught in things, but don’t worry about any of that because there is a thin layer of laminated plastic on top of the actual sparkle so it just feels very flat in the back.

Gorgeous case, more for the ladies, but don’t be shy if you’re a gentleman who likes sparkles, I would recommend this case as well.

#10. CaseMate Naked Tough iPhone 6 Case

The next case we have is the CaseMate Naked Tough Case, and this is a nice little case because it does have kind of a minimalist effect but it also fully protects your phone all-around. The color tends to fade around the edges so it does get dirty when you use it over time as it is a gel case.

Out of the box it is very clean and clear but the downside to this type of gel case is they do get worn out over time. It is easy to put and it also does offer that full 360 protection around the edges.

The protection extends to give a nice lip on your phone that will protect the face of your phone and the nice thing I do actually really like about all the case mate type of cases is the case mate cases have this button that they put on that perfectly lines up with your phone and makes it super easy to press all of the buttons.

Case Mate nonetheless does make their cases very easy to use button-wise, it is super easy to press the side buttons. It also has a nice clear backing that does show through your iPhone and shows it off. The Case Mate is a tough case that fits inbetween the spectrum of minimalist and protection.

#11. Tech21 Impact Technology iPhone 6 Case

The Tech21 21 Impact Technology Case is a gel skin case which does offer quite a bit of drop protection due to its casing that has a nice reinforced gel edging on the back. It is also a regular grippy case with some sort of texture.

Similar to the other Case Mate gel case, this is a minimalist case appearance-wise but does offer higher than normal standards for drop protection because the reinforced gel edges will add extra protection in the event of a drop or fall. It also snaps in and is very easy to put the case on it your phone.

It comes in a number of different colors. The case is minimalist but also adds a bit of thickness to your phone which is worth it if you want that drop protection. It does look quite nice.

The buttons are a little bit hard to press on the lock button and the volume buttons are a little bit easier. The bottom does have protection for the ports but also they are exposed nicely.

#12. Laza Wireless Case by X Armor for iPhone 6

The next case we have is the LazaWireless Case by X Armor case which definitely takes it to the next level of protection as far as cases go. This one is probably going to be on par with like say an Otterbox commuter which is kind of a thinner but durable case.

It’s kind of like a hard rubber plastic type of material the nice thing about this case is the edging it has a very nice bumpered edges for protection so this is going to give you a mid to high-level protection as far as dropping goes. This extra protection does add some bulk to it but not too much to make it unusable or unattractive.

If you want this kind of protection then this is what you have to expect. The lip protection is especially nice which will help in case of drops, and is also there so when you put it down your screen is nice and protected. Even with the full case on the buttons are easy to use.

The volume buttons and the power button are going to be a little bit harder to use which is typical of cases with the covered buttons. For people who don’t mind slightly thicker cases and want to have that protection this case is a good option.

#13. Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper iPhone 6 Case

Here is an interesting case, the Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper case, which is not actually a full case. If you pick it up you will notice it is just a bumper and not an actual full coverage case in and of itself. However it will offer more protection than any other the previous cases that we have covered so far due to its really nice bumpered material that gives it extreme drop protection.

You can literally drop your iPhone from a several story tall building while it is wearing this case and it will come out unscathed and perfect. Here is a video that demonstrates dropping an iPhone from 24 feet in the air while in the Rhino Shield case and coming out unharmed:

It has really thick bumper edge and what gives it that drop protection is the dispersion of the drop impact around the edge of the case due to the thick edge protection when dropped. The buttons are very easy actually to use on this which is one thing I do like about it as well.

This case is cool because it has no bulk on anything but the edges but still has super extreme drop protection, ie even if you casually happen to drop your phone out of a window or a second story building, it should be just fine. If you get this case I would also recommend getting a back glass screen protector or something like that to protect the aluminum phone body from scratches and daily wear.

#14. LifeProof Fre Waterproof Case for iPhone 6

This case offers far superior protection and keeps your phone looking and feeling thin at the same time. It also adds waterproofing to your phone so you can literally go swimming with this case and take underwater pictures with your phone while it is wearing this case.

It is going to be the ultimate for protection. Even more so than the previous bumper case because it offers all around protection, as well as protection from the elements like water, while the bumper case is mainly for drop protection.

If you go on vacation or if you’re going up to the lake and you want the far superior protection this is the case to bring. On the inside of the case there is gel around the edging which helps seal the waterproof protection.

Inside the case it has a screen protector built right into it but it still works with the glass screen protector that you might already have on your phone, so if you do already have a screen protector on your phone you can keep it on there. When you close the case make sure you press all the way around and you have full click all the way around and make sure no edges are open because that would wreck your waterproofing.

Touch ID does have a cover over top of it but it still works perfectly fine and quickly unlocks. This case is fun because you can take underwater pictures and also know that your phone is fully protected from drops and all the elements. It is a slightly thicker case than some of the others mentioned above, however it is worth it if you want full protection or the ability to take pictures in the extreme outdoor elements.

Hope you enjoyed this article and that you will soon have a beautiful brand new iPhone 6 case.

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