The Top 5 Best BlackBerry Priv Cases

Rocking your BlackBerry Priv without protection will be very risky for your tastes as it will certainly handle a drop. As many previous devices, BlackBerry company manufactures leather cases with high-quality and great looking. Keeping an ideal slim form are their hard shell cases that add extra grip without bulking up the device. Take a look at the complete lineup of Priv cases available right now and for pre-order here at Casecovering.

1. BlackBerry Leather Smart Flip Case

This is the specially designed leather case for Blackberry Priv, comes with suitable features for your blackberry. The price of this case is relatively low (if compared to other cases out there) only 35 bucks or so. It has been manufactured in two colors “Black” and “Tan” and both colors add something new to your blackberry. The due space has been left for viewing the date, time and other notifications; you won’t face any sort of problem regarding this. There is another great facility available to the users that they can still talk with closed cases. This case is the product from China and according to the quality and price right now one of the best cases available in the market for blackberry.


2. Skinomi TechSkin – BlackBerry Priv Screen Protector

That screen protector aims to provide the best protection to your Blackberry smartphone not only this, but it also provides the clean and clear display (as seen without the protector). It comes with a very low price (7 American dollars) and the manufacturer gives the lifetime warranty (that’s pretty cool). This cover is made with the material which does not allow any sort of bubbles in your screen thus giving you the crystal display as you ever wanted with greater protection to your screen. This screen protector is scratch proof and also capable of absorbing the temperature up to a greater extent. The touch remains original after applying the cover and it has been made in U.S.A.


3. iTALKonline BlackBerry Z10 Multi-Function Wallet Case Cover

This is the leather case (made for multi purposes) and the special material used in this gives it the more compact and flexible structure. This case won’t only be able to protect your Priv, but it can also carry your credit or atm cards (really great for any journey). All features of the blackberry can be accessed as this Multi-function organizer gives the suitable amount of space for everything (including cameras). The magnetic technology used in this case makes it unique than the other cases and it also gives the protection when you are not using the blackberry, low in price and with good quality.


4. Blackberry Priv Faux Leather Pouch Belt Clip Case Cover

The ultimate protection for your smartphone as it comes with the hook which can be attached to your belt. This is specially designed with such a material which guarantees your blackberry from scratches and any other sort of containments. The special Faux Leather is the material used in the fabrication of this case and it comes with a very low price just around $ 10, that’s something worth buying with such high quality. Another additional feature of this case is that it can also fit your iPhone 6, but it is advised you to use only for Priv.


5. fitBAG Beat Black custom tailored sleeve

That one is customized for you as fit bag integrated microfiber comes with the great display and provides almost every kind of protection to your device. The available colors are so many and you can make your choice out of these colors with very low price. This case is hand sewn and made for Blackberry as it can perfectly fit it. The integrated high line microfiber technology has been used to provide you the crystal display out of the great protection. Comes with 2 years of guarantee and Germany is the manufacturing country of this cover; highly recommended if you love quality with style.


Thao Nyugen
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