The 25 Best Galaxy S6 Cases & Covers: Sexiest, Most Durable Selection

For Samsung lovers across the world, the debut of the Samsung Galaxy s6 was a dream come true. The beauty of the design is one to literally die for. The app capabilities are more than you can ever imagine. Therefore, it would be surprising to find that the phones often going out of stock as lovers get their own handsets for use.

However, as you hurry to get your new gadget you should also not forget to think ahead about how you intend to ensure that the beauty of your handset remains the same after a while in use. Therefore, you have to set your eyes on the best phone case you can have your phone. The following are some of the best cases for your cell phone you will find in the best case stores across the world and even online:

1. Incipio Offgrid Battery Case

Incipio Offgrid Battery Case galaxy s6

The Incipio phone case brand is one you have definitely come across as you browse through the internet or even from friends. This case company is one of the most advanced manufacturers when it comes to phone protection. This brand for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one that you will definitely want to have for your device.

The case comes with an inbuilt battery that is capable of charging your phone while in the casing. This will ensure that you have your phone lasting for longer hours than it can on its own. The case comes with LED lights that will help you know the amount of charge left in the battery. The slim design of the case also ensures that the phone does not become too bulky or even become too thick in design.


2. Burkely Walletcase

Burkely Walletcase

For those that have an eye for leather products, then this is definitely the case for your phone. The cases are specifically hand made with the stitches and finishes coming in a different design. This is to mean that you not only get a beautiful leather case but also one that suits your exact taste. The case also comes with inner slots for your other items such as credit cards and even your ID card as well. You don’t have to worry about the accessibility of the ports as they are readily available on the cutouts.


3. Skech Crystal Case

Skech Crystal Case

If you want to enjoy the design and believe that the beauty of your phone is not one to be concealed by a case then this Sketch design is the best for you. The Sketch Crystal design comes with a transparent look that will showcase the looks of your phone to the ones around you. The transparent look is scratch resistant to keep the aesthetics and also its UV proof too. The lip is also thick enough to ensure your screen is safe as well as the ports are easy to operate from the casing’s button covers.


4. Zagg Cocoon Case

Zagg Cocoon Case

For the ultimate protection from the worst of falls, you will find that the Zagg case is ensured protection. The case has been tested and proven capable of protecting the phone from falls of about 810G. Therefore, if you are the slippery handed kind, this case is an assurance for your phone. The case is soft in nature and above all it has a raised lip to protect the screen of the phone.


5. Lifeproof Fre Case

Lifeproof Fre Case

In most cases, you will want to go out into the world and obviously you won’t want to leave your phone behind as you take on the adventure. Therefore, you will need a case that will be all round to ensure that all the aspects that could harm your phone are kept at bay. The Lifeproof Fre case is that kind of a case. The case is waterproof and also the ports are all kept closed from dirt and other stuff.


6. Cover-Up WoodBack Case

Cover-Up WoodBack Case

This is one of the few cases that is as well handmade. The design comprises of a wood design that gives your phone the much desired natural look. The case is also slim to ensure that the phone does not become too bulky for you.


7. Seidio Dilex Pro Case

Seidio Dilex Pro Case

This special case comes with a magnetic stand that you can use to put your phone in different positions so that you can enjoy a movie or even have it a position you can see night mode clock on. The case also comes with double layers to ensure maximum protection from any kinds of falls.


8. Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper

Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper

Just as the name suggests, the case is assured to give your phone the best protection you can ever need. The case is guaranteed to keep your phone safe from falls of about 11.5 feet, which is quite an impressive distance for a phone case. The button covers are not as hectic as other cases are and so you are sure to have a smooth safe time with your phone.


9. Tmbr Wood Case

Tmbr Wood Case

For the ultimate natural look, this is definitely the way to go. The design from these makers will surely meet your preferences. There are so many to choose from, you might even end up having different cases for different days. The cases are slim in design and you will not have trouble as the cutouts are well spaced.


10. Skinit Customized Cargo Case

Skinit Customized Cargo Case

The manufacturers of this case are actually the best you will find all across. This is due to the fact they give you the opportunity to customize the look for your own case. You are asked to send a photo that you would want to appear on the case and shown a preview of the outlook for you to choose. Therefore, you can have your phone being the mini you or the presentation of something that you like.


11. Moshi iGlaze Case

Moshi iGlaze Case

For a slim cover, the Moshi cases definitely have you covered. The cases come in black or pink. They are very durable and the button cases are perfectly fitted for your phone’s buttons. The case can only take on small impacts, but has the right amount of grip for you.


12. Trident Kraken AMS Series Case

Trident Kraken AMS Series Case

The Kraken cases are wildly known for their paranoid protection for the phone. Paranoid in the sense that, the cases do not leave anything to chance when it comes to the protection of your phone from all other harmful factors. The cases offer protection against falls, dirt, and even rain. This is through their unmatched reinforced corners and screen protector. Lastly, the case has a stand on the back to hold your phone up when probably watching a video or just at rest.


13. Olixar Leather Wallet Case

Olixar Leather Wallet Case

In case you are looking for an all round case, this is definitely to go for. The case comes in a leather design that is guaranteed to last long. The design consists of a hard plastic inner part that holds your phone into position. The other side consists of slots that are capable of holding credit and ID cards as well. The plastic is surrounded wholly by the leather exterior that still cuts out space for the camera to function from.


14. Obliq Skyline Advance Case

Obliq Skyline Advance Case

The case comes in a double color design from the mixed composition of the design. The case is a mixture of polycarbonate and TPU that work together to give your phone a good a look and at the same time ensure the needed amount of protection from falls. The case also comes with a stand on the rear side to ensure that you can hold up your phone in landscape mode. The case also comes with a lip that is ensured to keep your screen safe as well.


15. Noreve Tradition Leather Case

Noreve Tradition Leather Case

For the ultimate look onto your device, the Noreve case is totally the case to go for. The case comes with that French flair that you will definitely fall in love with. You can actually hold up your phone vertically with this case. The greatest part is that you can actually customize the case to suit your preferred design.


16. Samsung Galaxy S6 Clear View Case

Samsung Galaxy S6 Clear View Case

This is one of the most beautiful and most well-designed cases in the Samsung Galaxy S6 case series. The case is designed to allow you to view the activity on your screen without the need to remove the screen covers. The case is perfectly made to fit your phone and at the same time ensure that your phone safe.


17. BodyGlove ShockSuit Case

BodyGlove ShockSuit Case

The BodyGlove case is not one that is most famous for the design, but you can be sure that the case will provide you with the utmost amount of protection you need for your Galaxy. The case incorporates a reinforced cover all through the body of the case with an added screen protector for the front of your phone. The case also has added ruggedness to reduce the chances of you dropping the phone in the first place.


18. PureGear Slim Shell with Kickstand

PureGear Slim Shell with Kickstand

The Slim Shell case is one that you can count on to keep your phone’s beautiful looks and at the same time. The case comes in black or white for you to choose from. The rear is equipped with a stand that you can use to set your phone at landscape mode for anything you’d want to watch it.


19. Caseology Wavelength Case

Caseology Wavelength Case

This South Korean case is made out of TPU material that is guaranteed to make it easy for you fit your phone into the case. The case also comes with wavy patterns in the rear that make it increased in a grip, thus much harder to lose grip off.


20. Rearth Ringke Slim Case

Rearth Ringke Slim Case

The name might seem a bit funny, but the case is one that you can be assured of for quality display of your new Samsung Galaxy S6. The case comes in the clear design that will surely showcase the beauty of your phone. The case is also very slim to maintain the phone’s light feature and also the ports are well covered to ensure that your posts are not affected by any sort of dirt.


21. Speck CandyShell Grip

Speck CandyShell Grip

The case is designed to add grip onto your phone as well as maintain the beautiful looks. This is made possible by the rigid back side that adds on to the double layer design that is aimed at increasing your phone’s protection from falls.


22. Incipio Octane Pure

Incipio Octane Pure

This other Incipio design should by now convince you about the designer’s proficiency. The case is TPU and polycarbonate made, so you can have both the looks and the protection you need for your phone. The cutouts for the ports are perfectly done to give you the best experience you need.


23. Urban Armor Gear Outland Case

Urban Armor Gear Outland Case

In case you are looking for a heavy duty protection and at the same want to ensure that your phone remains light as possible, then you have stumbled into the right place. These cases are designed to keep your phone safe through their shock absorbing material.


24. OtterBox Commuter Series Case

OtterBox Commuter Series Case

The case comes with a screen protection feature that ensures that your phone’s screen is protected at all times from any kind of falls. The case also has your buttons covered away from any reach of dust particles as well.


25. Case-Mate Leather Wallet Case

Case-Mate Leather Wallet Case

There is absolutely no need to carry your wallet around with this case here for you. The case is a combination of a phone case for your phone and a card carrier for all your cards. The ports are well cut out and the leather design is long lasting as well.


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