The Best iPhone 6/6 Plus Waterproof Case Covers

Smartphones are very popular these days because you can do so many things with these awesome pieces of technology. Among the most popular smartphone brands in the market, today is Apple’s iPhone. There are so many cool things about this device that makes a lot of people interested in getting one. Unfortunately, the gadget’s does not have the ability to withstand underwater use and being submersed in water.

This is not one of the things that the iPhone is capable of doing. It is a good thing that there are cases which are specially designed to allow you to carry your iPhone even when you are in the water and they can be very useful in certain situations.

Why use a waterproof case?

There are many reasons why you need a waterproof case and among the most important reasons is the fact that it will allow you to bring your phone even when you are underwater. Using this case would also be very convenient especially when you are planning to do some island hopping or any other activity where you need to bring your phone and there is a possibility that it will fall into the water.

Nevertheless, it would be perfectly alright to use a waterproof case for daily use. This would be ideal because you would be able to feel assured that your phone will not be damaged even if you accidentally drop it in water. By using a waterproof case, you can rest assured that your phone is protected.

How we picked and tested

We choose the most popular cases for iPhone 6 for our recommendations through assessing their features and qualities as well as what they can do. The reviews for the cases have also been taken into consideration in choosing the top cases for iPhone.

The Features

All iPhone cases have different features that have been taken into consideration. Here are some of the features of the cases:

  • Design: This involves the appearance of the case. Most of the time, the case comes in only one color and popular cases have a minimalist design.
  • Additional Features: This is actually in line with the effort to make the most out of the case. Some cases have slots for cards and even for bills which make them more useful.
  • Material: This is one thing to consider when you are shopping for a case especially when you need it to be waterproof.
  • Coverage: For a waterproof case, you would need something with full coverage.

The Advantages

As previously mentioned, using a waterproof case could give you the peace of mind especially when you are in a place that is surrounded by water. This case could also help you protect your device from dust as well as scratches as it is in a case.

You can alleviate the worry by investing in some protection from our 10 sexy, svelte look cases

5.5 Inch JETech for Apple iPhone 6s/6 Plus

 - PC and TPU
- Slim Design
- Advanced Shock Absorption Technology
- Life time warranty from JETech

Worth to buy

This case will provide your device with full protection through cushioned corners. Since this has been designed for iPhone, you will have full access to all the features of the phone and it has openings to accommodate the speaker, the camera, and others. There is also a customization option so that the casing will be designed specifically to your tastes. The ports are located precisely where it should be. The cut out which is made around the flash is bigger than the product’s image since you can avoid lens flare. This is really great because it is not bulky.

Seidio Obex Waterproof Case for iPhone 6 Plus

 - IP68 rating
- Waterproof membranes shield
- Pass MIL-STD-810F standard

This case comes with an IP68 rating and this means that it is waterproof and submersion in water will not be a problem. It also means that the case is dust tight. This is good for daily use and it is specifically designed for iPhone 6. This case can protect the iPhone as proven during the drop test, but it has a tendency of splitting apart although you can just snap it back together. There can also be problems when you are using the flash. But as the whole, this is a good case for your iPhone.

Silk 5.5″ iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case

 - Ultra slim wallet case
- Full-frame protection
- Lay-flat Screen Guard
- Premium Scratch-Resistant Screen Included

This Slim Wallet Case is very slim and you can easily put 3 credit cards as well as cash in this case. With this case, the entire frame is protected and there is a screen guard which also provides protection from scratches. This iPhone case is great to have because you wouldn’t need to bring your wallet along as you can simply stash some cash inside it. This case is very lightweight so you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a bulky gadget around. Plus, it is also great if you are a minimalist.

Genuine Italy Oil Leather Case for iPhone 6 Plus

 - Handmade genuine leather case
- Wallet pockets for ID, cards and cash Included

This is just what you need if you love handmade cases which can protect your phone from wear and tear as well as dirt and scratches. This case is more of a wallet and this is best for individuals who are not too fond of carrying too many things when they have to leave the house. This product is well built and it looks really good. However, the flap seems to be too small especially when you place bills inside the case.

Navor 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus Folio Wallet Case


This iPhone case comes with Six Card Slots as well as a Money Pocket. The iPhone fits perfectly into the case and it is designed to work as a wallet. Aside from that, it was specifically designed for the iPhone so you can rest assured that all ports of your devices remain to be accessible. This case also comes with a stand and it has a magnetic clip for easy access. The case comes complete with a stand for your phone for easy viewing.

5.5 Inch IZENGATE Apple iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case

 - Easy to install
- Easy access
- Unique button closure on flap

This is a PU Leather Flip Cover Folio which comes with a stand and it has an elegant black color which makes it perfect for you irrespective of your gender. With the case, you can have access to all buttons including the speaker and connector. Plus, putting the phone inside the case is very easy and it’s also convenient to fold and flip. There are also different card slot pockets and there is a detachable strap. The case also comes with a hard plastic shell which is perfect for keeping your phone protected.

iPhone 6 Plus Case with Wallet Case and PU Leather Case Flip Cover

 - MT-Mall Precisely Design
- Card Pockets slots included
- Direct access to all iphone 6 4.7"
- Premium synthetic leather

This phone case comes with a screen protector and a stylus for iPhone 6 Plus so you can rest assured that your phone will be safe and that your device will stay protected while being stylish. The case has a slim fit and it is light on your pocket. However, there have been some complaints that the case is not very durable. For the price of the case, you will surely get a good deal because it looks really great with the iPhone and it will keep your device protected.

i-Blason iPhone 6 Plus Case

 - Hard shell constructed
- Easy access
- Built-in screen protector

This case comes with a built in Screen Protector and it provides your phone with heavy duty protection. All the ports and cut outs have precise openings which allow the user to access all the ports. There is also a protective cover for the iPhone. This is an outstanding case and it is perfect when you want to ensure drop protection. However, there have been cases where the opening for the port won’t just stay in one place. The screen protector could use some improvement as there is a gap located between the screens.

Spigen iPhone 6 Case Plus

 - Dual layers + Air Cushion Technology
- 0.6mm lip and 4-point rear guards
- Built-in kickstand
- Advanced Shock Absorption Technology

This is just the case you need when you are in need of absolute protection and it comes in dual layers as well as air cushion technology. This case has a kickstand which is built into the case that allows you to have hands-free viewing. The case happens to have curved sides which allow for a comfortable grip and it has a slim as well as a minimalistic style. There is also a shock absorption technology which is incorporated to the case. The case fits really well with the phone and it is not bulky at all.

i-Blason iPhone 6 Plus Case Halo Series

 - Front raised edges
- Anti-slip properties
- 3H rating premium scratch resistant

Worth to buy

This is a hybrid cover which is specifically designed for Apple phones. This case will ensure that your phone will be free from scratches even if you put it face down. This case is clear and even if you decide to put your phone inside it, you will still be able to push all buttons easily and there is no need to worry about having access to some ports. The back portion has enough thickness to ensure that your phone will not be damaged if it ever falls down.

Here are just some of the iPhone cases that are worth considering especially if you are looking for something that could protect your Apple iPhone and at the same time will not cost you a lot of money.

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