Best MicroFiber Cloth Plus Screen Protector – Clean Screen Wizard Review

What is product about?

Manufactured by Clean Screen Wizard, it is used for laptops, iPads and MacBook Air, Macbook Pro 11’13’15 Non Retina. This is the best 4 pack available for large cloth keyboard covers in Vinly Pouches and Cleaning Sticker.


The Features

  • Screen protector

It is a two in one, dual use accessory that cleans and protects your screens, this is tailored and customized in different sizes. You can use this item as a screen protector while you are not using your gadget as a keyboard cover for iPads, non-retinal MacBook and for general laptops.

These can also be used to wipe dirt off. This is a better option cleaning cloth for electronic devices, for optics and for fragile delicate surfaces. It is baby soft, scratch free on the surfaces and leaves color intact.

  • Material

It is made of premium material, light in weight, ultra-soft and smooth fiber that attracts dust, fingerprints and oil like a magnet thus enhancing its efficiency. In a swipe, the results are perfect. It keeps dust off as it has anti-static properties and removes almost all micro pathogens present. It is easy to wash and long lasting. Wrinkle free, does not run, fluff or tear due to its press-hit cut edges that are anti-fray.

  • Durable Flexible

The Vinyl pouches are practical. The microfiber cloths are packed in a durable flexible pouch to keep them clean. It is wise to carry them while one is on the move as one can easily toss them in their bag or stash them in the pocket or the drawer so as they are near to reach.

  • Multi-size kit

This is multi-size kit, a pack of four different cloth sizes. These Microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning sunglasses, iPhone, smartphones, eye glasses, DVDS, LCDS and the like. On top of this they provide a removable adhesive micro fiber tag/pad for cleaning the likes of the items mentioned. These are in the following sizes (131/2, 85/8) (12. 81/4) (11. 63/4) & (9. 61/2) with a 0.45 mm width.

  • Customer Services

The company has stellar customer services. They go an extra mile to provide their clients with the best shopping experience there is, they are well conversant with more than one language these includes Spanish. E-books are available for free, and videos on ‘how to’ this is an exclusive benefit for clean screen wizard to their clients. This is topped up by their bullet-proof guarantee. A client is also promised of money back guarantee. This is the best there is in the world of customer service.

With this pack a customer gets:

  • VIP Club
  • 4 Large microfiber cloths
  • 4 practical pouches
  • 1 mini micro fiber sticker
  • e-Books and videos
  • Full money back guarantee without a hassle

Other than those listed, with this type of an accessory a client saves cash as the microfiber screen protector is hand washed making it re-useable. It is anti-static and one need not buy expensive cleaning liquids to stay dirt free.


This must have clean screen wizard microfiber product, with its multiple use it stands out as a product that one cannot do without, as it’s used on the main products that we have and frequently use in the house, from phones, sunglasses to laptops. Get a pack and ensure your safety and your families’ safety by keeping our gadgets pathogens free.


Thao Nyugen
As editor in chief, Thao Nguyen is responsible for the editorial direction, media platforms, and business strategy of Technology Review.