5 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Cases & Covers

A Galaxy Tab 3 is a delicate device that needs to be taken off carefully. To prevent the device from damage, a good quality case cover will come in handy. These top 5 case covers are probably the best you can get for your Samsung tablet.

1. Samsung Carrying Case (Book Fold)

Samsung Carrying Case

This case manufactured by Samsung is made to exclusively fit a Tab 3 7, 8 and 10.1 and comes in Black, Garnet Red, White and Mint Green. The cover is highly durable and will give your tablet an all-around protection, that is, it will protect the screen, the back side and all corners. The case will not only fit perfectly but is also very beautiful and will add some life to your tablet. The case is lightweight and doesn’t add any extra weight to your tablet. The case has a stand that is easy to open and it makes it possible for you to place your tablet on your lap for a more comfortable use especially when you are working or want a hands-free viewing.


2. Belkin Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Cover

Belkin Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Cover

This cover is made from a thin but highly durable material that fits the curves of the tablet perfectly. This cover has a velvety smooth inner lining that keeps your screen protected. The case has a flip cover that acts as a stand as well. It is very easy to insert your tablet into the cover. All you have to do is snap your tablet into the fitted frame and it will securely hold your tablet in place. To remove it, push down the frame corners. The cover fits a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 version and you can buy it in either slate or blacktop colors.


3. i-Blason Cases n Cover

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Case By i-Blason

I-Blason exclusively designed this cover for your Tab 3 and, therefore, it fits perfectly. The cover has a stand that will make working very easy. Watching videos will also be easy because you do not have to use your hands to hold the tablet in place, simply use the stand. Because the case has precise cutouts you can easily access your tablet camera, controls, ports and buttons. The case has an automatic sleep and wake function. The case fits 7, 8 and 10.1 models.


4. KHOMO GRID Cover Case With Hand Strap

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Case by Khomo

This is a slim chic case that offers maximum protection for your tablet. The material that is used to make this case offers a firm grip making it hard for the tablet to slip off your hands. The inside part of the case is made from a premium microfiber material. The case also has an in-built stand that provides you with a comfortable video watching, chatting and typing position. The cover has an elastic strap that makes holding your tablet easier. The case cover easily fits Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7, 8, and 10.1-inch versions.


5. COD Stand Leather Case

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 by Cod

This high-quality case has a removable keyboard that you can easily connect to your tablet via Bluetooth. The case also has a strong and durable stand that prevents your tablet from falling back when typing. The case also comes with a screen cover that keeps the screen protected from scratches. This case is precisely designed for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 inch and is thus not available for the other two Tab 3 versions. The case has a stylish leather exterior that is unique and bright and comes in two color combination designs: white/red, and black/brown.


Thao Nyugen
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