Top 5 Best Sony Xperia Z5 Cases In 2016

Did you just buy a new Sony Xperia Z5? Here are 5 of the best cases for Sony Xperia Z5 that will provide the kind of protection you are looking for. Smartphones come with a lot of features that you need in a phone and it deserves to get the best case to keep it looking nice and new.

1. Spigen Premium Matte Finish Hard Case

  • It does not add bulk to your phone and maintains a fit that is light in weight
  • Offers scratch protection from its premium polycarbonate material
  • Easily access the phone functions from the open cutout buttons and even fingerprint scanner
  • Has a solid color for a classic-looking style and sleek protection
  • This case can only be used for Sony Xperia Z5 2015 model


2. Sony Xperia Z5 Case – MoKo Halo Series Hybrid Cover

  • 2H Rating Premium that is resistant from scratches on inner and outer side of panels
  • Cut-outs are very exact so it is convenient for you to access the ports, speaker, and buttons.
  • A clear shield so you will still the beauty of the phone
  • Anti-slip functionality for better grip and protection against scratches
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


3. INNOVAA Smart Grid Defender Armor Case

  • Has an extra protection for the screen
  • Designed well so you won’t have a hard time pressing the buttons, ports, and speakers
  • Built with multiple layers of protection
  • The corner design has a secure release
  • Made using a technology called new airspace cushion


4. Sony Xperia Z5 Case TUDIA Ultra Slim Full-Matte ARCH TPU Bumper

  • Case is specifically for Xperia Z5 Only and not compatible with Sony Xperia Z5 premium or Compact
  • The flex cover that is durable gives a very soft feel on the hands
  • The case is very durable and it has a very comfortable grip for the Sony Xperia Z5
  • Since it has a unique design, all buttons can be accessed and also the controls and ports
  • The edges are raised so it is able to help in protecting the display screen from getting scratched when it is facing down


5. Ringke FUSION Premium Crystal Clear Hard Back

  • It has a perfect fit on the Sony Xperia Z5/ Dual
  • The protection is crystal clear so the look of the phone is enhanced and does not add any bulk
  • This case has an ultra-slim transparent TPU bumper that comes with Active
  • Touch Technology allowing better access to all important buttons and ports
  • There are attached dust caps to protect charging ports and jacks for audio against dust and dirt


Conclusion: These are 5 of the best Sony Xperia Z5 cases and you can only expect the best from them. They offer a sleek and strong protection to keep your smartphone in top condition because that’s exactly what you’ll need.

Thao Nyugen
As editor in chief, Thao Nguyen is responsible for the editorial direction, media platforms, and business strategy of Technology Review.