Top 10 Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone 5

Are you searching for waterproof cases that will allow your phone to be used even when you are doing certain water activities or when you are simply taking pictures while swimming? You have to know that there are different waterproof cases that are available so choosing the right one can be a hard task to do.

There may be some cases that are better than others but how will you know which one is good and which one is not that good? There are always different things that you ought to consider. Would you like to know which waterproof cases you would like to get right now?

Here are some that you have to consider:

1. HESGI Waterproof Protection Case Cover

You can expect that this case comes in a lot of different colors that you can choose from depending on your preference. You can fully submerge this case in water for about 30 minutes up to 6 feet. It can also make the phone easy to use in snow and in places wherein there may be a lot of dust that may enter the phone. Trying to work on the buttons while the case is placed on it can be a bit hard to use when the case is on.

2. Tethys Waterproof Case for iPhone 5/6

Wanting to find a case that will allow you to use your phone for the various adventures that you have in mind that may include water, snow, and even mud? You need not worry anymore because you can make use of this case for that purpose. It has been tested beforehand to ensure that it will work well when in use. There are some reports stating while some of the cases work perfectly well, there are also some that are only water resistant but are not fully waterproof.

3. Otterbox Preserver Series Waterproof Case iPhone 5/5s

Passing up on the opportunity to have fun can now be avoided with the use of this case. This comes with a lot of features that you might need for your everyday adventures and more. It could have a better sound quality though and it would already be perfect for a lot of people. The great thing about this is that it still manages to look sleek. The sound of this case can be improved as it manages to make the sound a bit rattled and muffled.

4. Visun Protection Case Cover

If you are searching for an iPhone case that can be considered to be the lightest and thinnest, you can be sure that this is the one that you are searching for. It is also very cheap so you do not have to worry about spending a lot of money on it. It is important that you test the case that you get first before fully putting your trust in it when you already place your phone inside the case so that you have a lesser chance that your phone will get ruined in the process.

5. FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Case Bag

You have to make sure that your expensive smartphone can be protected fully from the outside elements that may cause it to malfunction. One of the main problems of people with this though is its lock mechanism. When you fail to lock it well, there is a chance that it will not be waterproof anymore. Locking it can be a big problem too.

6. Joto Universal Waterproof Case Bag

The universal case of this bag makes it easy to use for different types of phones. A lot of people have said that this may be the best that they have tried because it is truly waterproof. It works well not only for phones but for things you also want to protect when you are doing various activities. The plastic pieces that may be included with the case may not be too strong, however. The strap may also not be as strong as other cases.

7. Levin Full Sealed Protection Case Cover

This is known to be a thin case that you can use for your iPhone 5/5s. This is very helpful if you do not want to have a bulky phone especially when you are using it for various activities. Taking pictures will still be easy to do with the use of this case. The fact that it comes with a 1-year warranty helps a lot too. The case looks a bit cheap though especially when you compare it to other cases that are available.

8. Griffin GB35562 Survivor Waterproof and Catalyst

This is the case that you ought to have if you would like your phone to remain waterproof for up to 9 feet. Its edges and corners are also rugged so that if it falls, you can be sure that your phone will stay protected. Installing this will not come with any problems at all. Using this phone underwater may not be that useful though because even if your phone will be protected, it will be hard to take photographs and use other functions of the phone.

9. OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case

This is said to be the toughest case ever built probably because it can be used for extreme weather conditions. It is waterproof, dustproof and shock proof so it may be everything that you would ever need. One issue that people may have with this though is the fact that it is very thick. It can be too thick to use at times.

10. New Trent iPhone 5s Case Protective Durable Case

This iPhone 5 case comes in a variety of colors depending on what you think will work best for you. It can provide the type of protection that you may need depending on what you are experiencing. This comes with a 10-month warranty too. A lot of people barely have negative things to say about this case because it is known to be effective and it works.


The cases that are mentioned above are some of the cases that you may choose to purchase depending on what you are searching for. You can be sure that all of them can promise to protect your phone, but it will be up to you and your different preferences which one you will choose out of all the products mentioned above.

Thao Nyugen
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