10 Cool Ipad Air 2 Cases & Covers

The iPad Air 2 release is one the best highlights that show Apple has added onto its board.

The new model is one of the impossible achievements that the company has pulled off and proved that they can still outdo themselves. The new design has been surprisingly made slimmer from the predecessor to debut in a 6.1mm thickness.

To top on the upgrade, the new iPad Air 2 also has an increased battery life due to the added A8X chip. The improvements made on the new release are more than enough to make you buy the new iPad.

However, even after buying the iPad you would still need to find a way to keep it safe and safe from harm all the time. The best way to safeguard your new baby is by buying a case to place her in.

The iPad Air 2 change in thickness has rendered all the previous cases for the iPad Air incompatible with this new design. Therefore, you will be required to look for another kind of casing for your new device.

The market today is filled with a confusing number of iPad cases for you to choose from. Making a choice from all that are out there is quite difficult as almost all claiming to be the best for you iPad Air 2. In the event you find yourself in such a situation, you need not worry so much as the following is a list of the best iPad Air 2 cases for the year 2015.

The ClamCase Pro

The price for this combination is 120 pounds. Before you dismiss the combination due to the price, have a look at the features that it comes with. The case is made out of a sleek, slim physical keyboard that you can use with the iPad via Bluetooth. The hinge is able to make 360 degree turns so you can use the iPad in any position you prefer. The ports are still kept open when using the keyboard and it also adds an automatic sleep and wake feature.

The ZAGG Slim Book

The casing offers you a wide variety of modes to operate your iPad Air 2 in. When you want to use the keyboard, you can easily switch to keyboard mode and make use of it, you can switch the easily to book mode or even video mode when you want to watch movies. In video mode, you can flip the iPad away from the keyboard and use it as you stand. In other cases here you don’t want the keyboard around; you can detach it and switch to case mode. The keyboard movement is however, restricted to 135 degrees.

Apple Smart Case

In case you need an experienced case, then you need to get your hands on the Apple’s online store and get yourself their own Apple Smart Case. The case being of their production, they have covered all the aspects you could probably want to use ‘their’ iPad in. The case is hard enough for protection and the front flap is designed to offer you different positions to hold your iPad when using it. It also comes with wake and sleep features.

MOFRED Ultra Slim Leather

In you are on a much tighter budget and are looking to purchase a case just like Apple’s but within your wallet capability, then the MOFRED case is the one for you. The case mimics almost all of the features of the Apple case. It can position the iPad in the same two positions and it also has the wake and sleep functionality. The only difference is that the Apple case is made of leather while the MOFRED is made of hard covering.

Gumdrop Hideaway

The new case from Gumdrop has a stand at the rear that can be concealed into the design of the cases. When removed, the stand offers you two major positions to hold up your iPad Air 2. It also has a ‘grippy’ exterior to ensure that your hands have a lesser chance of dropping it to the ground.

Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro

This sleek new case is that you will definitely want to add onto your new iPad. It comes with an easy attach the case to your iPad Air and a very slim keyboard. The keyboard is said to be able to last for almost a whole year.

Tactus Magna Tuff

The magna stuff will definitely help you save power as it comes with an auto shut-off magnet that will shut your iPad Air when you are not using it. The case also is designed to offer maximum protection to your iPad as it totally covers your iPad with its soft interior and hard exterior.

OtterBox Defender

The OtterBox series is definitely one that you have heard of before. The series is dedicated to offering the maximum protection for both iPads and phones. The design is made to protect your iPad Air from bumps through its shock absorbing features. The ports of your iPad to have covers, so you are assured of all round protection. The case also comes with a stand that helps you prop your iPad Air in the position you prefer and at the same time, the stand acts as an added screen protection feature when not using the iPad.

ESR Illustrators Series Smart Cover

This case series is one that is dedicated to those that prefer not to have the monotonous look of a plain case on their iPad. The case comes with the drawings of a smoking giraffe or that of a dog in a jumper. The new look spices up the appearance while still keeping your iPad Air 2 safe.

Inateck Felt Sleeve

The Inateck felt sleeve is one of the most preferred protection you can have on your iPad. The sleeve comes in a soft leather design that keeps your iPad safe inside it. The amazing part is that despite it being a sleeve, you can also fold it into a stand when using your iPad. Lastly, the sleeve is weather-proof, so you can be stress-free when it starts to shower.

Thao Nyugen
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