17 Cool iPhone 6 Cases & Covers

The frenzy caused by the release of the latest iPhone 6 was one that was noticed the world over.

On release of the phone, the market was in turn flooded with tons of new phone case designs for the Apple release. With so many in the market, we set out to find out the best one.

After a lot of research, we settled on the NGP from Incipio.

The results are not entirely a surprise as the Incipio series is one that has protected the iPhone series for quite a long time.

The case was most preferred by most readers due to its ability to offer perfect protection for the whole phone including the buttons. Also, the case is slim to perfectly cover the new iPhone 6.

How we picked it out

There are a lot of things to put into consideration picking out the best case. First of all, the case has to be one that is preferred by most of the people you interview.

People have different preferences, of course, but somewhere along the lines you will find out that all people will definitely choose a case based on two major reasons; weight and ease of functionality.

When it comes to the iPhone, most people will definitely settle for a case that definitely has a shock absorbent mechanism that keeps the phone safe at all times.

Another thing that iPhone lovers will also go for is a phone with a raised front lining to ensure that the screen of the phone is kept safe in case the phone accidentally falls. Lastly, the preferred case is one that offers all round protections for the buttons on the sides of the iPhone.

Our current best iPhone case

Our research has led to picking the NGP from Incipio has the best iPhone 6 case so far.

The case fully fulfills all the common preferences that people have on the type of cases they would prefer. The case, first of all, comes at a very affordable price of about $10 on the street.

The case also comes in a very lightweight and is amazingly slim adding only 2mm tot eh original thickness of the iPhone6. It totally assures protection to your phone by its double layer feature. In terms of functionality, the case offers the best with easy to push button covers that don’t offer any sort of resistance when pressing the buttons.

  • Flaws in the design

The lip thickness is not as prescribed by Apple, but still it offers substantial protection for the screen. The other tiny flaw is that the area around the camera is supposed to have enough well aligned black color that in some cases is not proportionally added to affect the quality of the pictures taken.

  • Other options available

Other options available when buying iPhone 6 cases include the Speck’s CandyShell case. The case is the only one that has been through military drop tests and passed. Therefore, you are assured that your iPhone is also in good hands. The sides are a bit thicker than usual to assist in the shock absorption too.

In case you are in looking a phone that will function also as a wallet for your ID and credit cards, then the CM4 Q Card Case is the option for you. The case has a rear pocket that is designed to hold up to three cards at the same time. The case also has protective features to protect your phone too.

For one with an eye for adding accessories onto your iPhone, the STM’S Harbour is the case for you. The case will enable you to add on accessories such as dock-cradle spears and many others.

One of the features that you should definitely avoid in a phone case is super thinness. Most people go for such cases thinking about the sleek design, but forget that the thinner the lining the lesser the amount of protection from shock. You should go for the NGP or any other that mimics it features perfectly or even go for Apple’s case.

Best 17 iPhone 6 Case For Money

Every iPhone release since inception has always been met with a lot of frenzies with many people flocking stores to get their hands on the latest designs from apple. It’s an indisputable fact that apple is the leading phone manufacturer in the world today.

This fact is truly manifested in its current release; the iPhone 6. The series has become one of the best ideas ever developed by the company. Mostly tech fanatics have flocked to get their hands on the A8 processor and iOS8 processor device. Am sure you already have or will be joining the apple community soon. However, getting your hands on an iPhone 6 is just the beginning.

You need to also think about how you intend to keep your new phone looking sleek and sexy all through. Therefore, you will need to start thinking about getting a casing to house your baby in. Lucky for you, entrepreneurs have seen the need and have already produced so many cases for you to choose from.

The following are some of the cases that will keep your treasured iPhone 6 safe;

1. Sewell Monk Wallet Case

If you crave sleek protection, then this is the case for you. The case acts as both as a billfold and as a phone case too. The interior is designed to be able to fast hold your phone and on the other side of the case you have space to hold up to four credit cards. There is also a clear ID compartment. The leather exterior is durable and maintains the looks at all times. The phone section is designed in such a way that you can easily detach your phone in case you get calls so that you don’t look awkward holding up your whole wallet when you get a call.

2. STM Flip

The case comes in three main colors; gray, red and black. The most conspicuous feature about the design is that it has two suction cups at the top and bottom left corners. The cups serve as added protection as they keep the lid over your screen the whole time. It has space to hold two credit cards.

3. Case-Mate Naked Tough

This type of case is specifically designed for that hat go for the colored apple iPhone 6, the gold series. In case you get your hands on one of these then you need to protect the phone with this clear case that reveals the color and still keeps your phone safe with its impact resistance and shock dispersion techniques.

4. Knomo Tech Mayfair Dering Charge Purse

This multipurpose bag comes with an inbuilt compartment to keep your 3000mAh Lithium battery-polymer and another pocket to keep your iPhone as well. Therefore, not only is your iPhone kept protected at all times, but also it remains charged too. The interior space also has space for other items such as credit cards and ID.

5. Designed by M AL13 v3 for iPhone 6

The case is one that will definitely keep your phone light as always. The design is made from an Aluminum alloy the keeps your phone strongly protected from bumps. You can also add on another glass layer on your skin for extra protection. The case comes in different colors to choose from.

6. PureGear Hip Case+

The case is mainly available in black and gray. The case comes with a hard interior card holder section that you can hide your credit cards in. The case also has rotating belt clips that enables you to place the phone case on your belt for easy and quick access.

7. Urban Armor Gear Folio

This is the definite protective case if you are really paranoid about your iPhone’s protection. As the name suggests, the case has gone through numerous tests and has proven to protect your phone from serious falls. Therefore, you can be assured that no matter whose playing around with your iPhone, its’ safe. The exterior is made from frog skin material that is waterproof to keep your phone from any water spatters. The flap cover is capable of holding three credit cards.

8. BuQu Tech powerArmor

This case is one that will definitely impress you. The case does not only protect your phone, but it’s also designed with an inbuilt hidden 2500-mAh battery that you can use to charge your phone at the same time. This is one of the cases that are very suitable for long outdoor activities. The case also comes with LED indicators that tell you how much power is left.

9. Verus Damda Slide

In case you are into sleek covers, then the Verus Damda is the case for you. The case has slide feature at the back and also is equipped with double-layer shock absorption feature that is guaranteed to keep your phone safe at all times. You can hold two credit cards in the case and also it comes in different colors such as champagne gold that is mostly a favorite to many.

10. X-Doria Scene Plus

The design of the case is for those that like a little bit of glamour to accompany their iPhone. The case is made out of 3D printing that make the colors and objects look like they are moving when you turn the case. The looks are also accompanied with a rubber exterior that is designed to protect your iPhone from bumps and scratches.

11. Speck CandyShell Grip

This phone is mostly specified for owners that have slippery finger all the time. They are made from ridged rubber that offer more grip for you slippery finger. Therefore, you can use your iPhone for long periods of time without difficulty or worry of it slipping and falling. The front part is also thickened to protect your screen from falls.

12. Incipio Stowaway

The case has a compartment on the rear that you can use to store your credit cards without people even noticing. The appearance of the case is also very beautiful and it also has a double-layer shock absorbing technique that protects your phone always.

13. Trident Kraken A.M.S. Case

The Kraken comes with a belt clip for easily holding onto your belt. The design is one of the safest as it has highly padded corners that are made of polycarbon. Also, it has a double layer shock absorbing technique that keeps your beautiful investments safe at all times.

14. Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case

The case is mostly used for charging your iPhone 6. It has a 3200-mAh battery that jump sin to power your phone. It offers only minimal protection from falls.

15. Grovemade Maple and Leather Case

The case is hand made from wood and leather is perfect for giving your iPhone 6 that beautiful sleek, but natural look. The price is really high, but the quality sure is worth it.

16. Zuna Drive

The case is designed with an extension at the rear that allows you to hook your iPhone 6 to any car’s air conditioning grill. Therefore, you can easily access it from that point while driving.

17. EXOvault EX023 Aluminum Louro Preto

The beauty of the case is one you’d have to see for yourself. It is made of anodized aluminum that has veneer adding to the design. The look that the case gives your phone is one that you will definitely not turn from.


Research never lies and so far, the NGP hold first place in being the case that meets everyone’s standards and Apple’s guide too. Of course, the research still will go on as new cases immerge.

Thao Nyugen
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