Top 10 Cool Note 4 Cases & Covers

If you own the Note 4 you have probably already realized that its design though impressive is not tough enough to protect this precious device from scratches, dents, falls or cracks. It is thus important that you invest in a good case cover that will prolong the life of your device.

Here are out top 10 picks for the best Galaxy Note 4 cases you should consider.

1. E LV Galaxy Note 4 Holster Case Cover

This case is designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is very easy to install and remove and it fits your device perfectly. The cover adds extra grasp on the device preventing it from dropping. The cover is shock absorbent and protects the device from damage should it fall. You will also easily access all your device features, such as charging ports, on/off button, even when the case is fitted.

2. Luxury Aluminum Ultra-thin Metal Case Cover

One of the products from ACEFAST INC, This is a cool, brand new case made of high-quality metal, aluminum, and acrylic plastic. It is compatible with Note models or N910 models. The bumper is made of aluminum metal while the back cover is made from acrylic plastic. The back of the cover also has crystals for a more stylish look. It is very easy to install and remove the case.

3. Sahara Slim Case Scorpion Black

This case offers the finest 360 degrees protection for your device. The case also comes with a Gorilla smashproof tempered glass screen protector. The cover is beautiful and quite stylish. It fits your device perfectly. It is slip resistant, anti-scratch and easy to install and use. You will be able to access your buttons and ports when using the cover. This case cover is quite popular and it is no wonder that its design won the 2015 Wireless Association Award!

4. Ghostek Case and Screen Protector

This case cover is lightweight, with a stylish slim design. The cover has a high-tech design that makes it quite easy to use. The case cover is easy to install and it does not limit the use of your device in any way. All your device interactive commands such as on/off button will still be easily accessible even when using the device. The cover has a 35-color pack that will suit various styles and occasions.

5. iThrough Waterproof Protective Carrying Cover Case

This case is made of high-quality silicone and plastic that is waterproof. The case can protect your cover underwater up to a depth of 20ft. This means that you can easily take photos under water with your device without the risk of damaging it. The cover is not only water resistant but will also protect your device against dust, dirt, shock, scratches and grease.

6. OtterBox Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case Commuter Series

This case cover is light in weight with a thin, stylish design. It also has a self-adhesive screen protector that is quite good for protecting your device’s screen from scratches. The case cover will you’re your device protected in case of drops, will prevent bumps and is also shock-resistant.

7. E LV Holster Case Cover

This case cover will make your device more anti-slip to keep it from falling all the time thus reducing the chances of breakage. The case cover is also shock absorbent and will evenly distribute all impacts into the bumper keeping your device more protected. You will be able to access all your device features even with the case installed.

8. E LV Full Body Hybrid Armor Case Cover

The cool case cover has a soft feeling touch due to the high-quality coating it contains. This adds to the stylish design. The cover is not only stylish but also good for your device because it makes it mine anti-slip by giving it a stronger grip. The case cover is also shock absorbent and will protect your device from scratches, dirt and dust.

9. Caseology® Premium Leather Bumper Cover

This case cover is made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) that is good for keeping out dirt, grease, and scratches. The case cover has cutouts for easy access to all, buttons, ports, cameras, speakers, etc. It is highly resistant to dirt, dust, grease, and scratches. It is also shock absorbent.

10. Abacus24-7 Note 4 Wallet Case

This cover is made of Synthetic Leather and has two protective layers. The first layer is the interior made of TPU and the front layer that is a flip cover. The case comes with a foldable stand to use for hands-free video chat. It also has built-in slots that you can use to carry credit cards and money.

Thao Nyugen
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