Top 10 Cool Note 5 Cases & Covers

For those who have just bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, they understand how precious the device is and how functional it can be. For this reason, if not any other, you understand why it is important to keep it protected from damage so that you continue to use it longer. Cases are the good way of protecting your device. There are many types of case covers in the market today and you may find yourself confused over which one to buy. To make the choice for you, we have listed for you the 20 best cases designed to fit a Note 5. Take a look.

1. Galaxy Note 5 Case by Ringke FUSION

This case cover has a premium enhanced protection. Its sleek, light-weight design leaves your device with its original look. The case has a transparent TPU bumper that allows easy access to all your device ports and buttons. The case also has dust caps that are quite good for protecting the device charging ports and audio jacks from dirt and dust. The case cover also comes with a free HD screen protector for more protection.

2. LK Hybrid Case Cover

The case cover with two protective layers also comes with a belt holster for easy carrying of your device. The case cover has polycarbonate corners that keep your device protected from falls or any other kind of impact. For a more fun hands-free video and chat experience, the case cover comes with an inbuilt Kickstand. You can easily access all your ports and controls even when the case has been installed.

3. Abacus24-7 Note 5 Leather Wallet Case

This case has two protective layers. One is the TPU interior layer and the second one is the flip cover for protecting your screen. The cover comes with a stand that is foldable for easy hands-free video and chat experience. The cover also has a folio case that has inbuilt slots that can be used to carry credit cards and money. The beauty of this case is that it is made specifically for a Galaxy Note 5 and will, therefore, fit your device perfectly.

4. Verus High Pro Shield Steel Silver

This case is practical and very functional. The case is from the High Pro Shield series and will totally complement your device, leaving its natural beauty shining and unrestricted. It will offer your device a full 360-degree protection by covering all its four corners. The case has raised edges to keep the screen protected from scratches or touching the ground should it fall. The case fits your device snugly and has been precisely cut out to allow full and easy access to ports and buttons.

5. Tauri Wallet Leather Case

This high-class synthetic leather wallet case is accurately designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The stand is perfect for protecting your device from dust, dirt, scratches, and damage. The case comes with an inbuilt Kickstand for hands-free video watching. It also has built-in pockets that you can use to carry money, ID and credit cards. It has a magnetic strap that easy to close and the case will not wear out making it quite durable.

6. Premium Wallet Case From Gift_Source

This case is made specifically for the Note 5 and will not fit the Galaxy S6 Edge. This high-quality case is made of good superior synthetic leather that is very durable. The cover has a stylish cover that makes your device even more gorgeous. The case cover also offers your device maximum protection from scratches and damage. It has precisely cut slots to allow you easy access to all the functions of your device.

7. Ringke Premium Clear Hard Back

This cool ultra-thin case cover will keep your device well protected without affecting its original look. Its active touch technology makes it possible to easily access all your device ports and buttons. The case also has inbuilt dust caps that keep your ports and jacks dust and dirt free. You also get an HD screen protector and back protective film with every case that you buy.

8. Spigen® Premium Matte Finish Hard Case

This cover is light weight and has a Snap-On design for easy use. The case is hard and durable, made from high-quality polycarbonate. It has open buttons and precisely cut out slots for easy access of ports and buttons. It contains Soft-feel matte coating which gives the device and added grip. This case is compatible with Note 5 meaning that it will fit perfectly.

9. Leather Wallet Stand Magnetic Cover Case From U-Gem star

This perfectly designed case cover will protect your phone from scratches, dirt, and abrasion. It fits perfectly and has a Kickstand for comfortable video watching and texting. It also has a wallet with 2 slots that you can use to carry your credit cards and another one for carry cash. The case does not limit the maximum functionality of your phone.

10. SGM Hard Hybrid Case Cover

The case is made of Polycarbonate which is a hard plastic that prevents your phone from getting scratches and stains. To add style and personality to your phone, the cover has a frosted back with soft rubber imprinted covering. To maximize use of buttons, ports and jacks, the case has well cutout slots.

Thao Nyugen
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