Fintie Surface Pro 3 Case

There are a lot of cover cases for the Surface 3 that is being sold in the market today. Some of them are designed as bags with multiple pockets to place other items, but users consider it as too bulky.

There is also those folio designed cover cases which are thick enough to provide protection but thin enough to be convenient and portable.

What Is the product about?

One of this folio cover cases is the Fintie Cover Case that is exclusively designed for the Microsoft Surface 12-inch Window 8.1 has a list price of $34.99 but when purchased online, you can have it for $11.99 or the savings of $23.00 with free shipping.

It has a dimension of 11.9 x 8.6 x 1 inches that are comparable with other cover cases

It provides a protection to your Surface Pro 3 and its keyboard because it also has a type/touch keyboard cover. Furthermore, it is designed with a smart holder for the stylus or pen.

Features & Bonus

  • The best thing about the Fintie Case is that it is made from synthetic Premium PU leather that comes in different bright and fun colors.
  • Its durable exterior provides shockproof to the device placed inside with a soft interior for protection from scratches and damage.
  • One can easily insert the device inside the cover case because its insertion pocket is widely open but with a Velcro flap to secure the unit from sliding out of the case.
  • The cover is also designed in such a way that it would flip back and makes for a better and comfortable viewing since it transforms the case into a stand, even without the hands to restrain.

Review Pros & Cons

The Good

  • The Fintie Covering allows for the maximal usage of the features of the device even when inside the cover case. Even if the keyboard is placed inside, this cover case still closes perfectly unlike the other cover cases which have a tendency to have a little opening that makes the device to easily slip out of the cover.

The Bad

  • It does not include a stylus when purchased unlike the other cover case being sold in the market and is not compatible with the following: Original MS Surface, Surface 2, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2 tablets.
  • Also, the cover case does not have an opening for the vent which may make the device overheat when used over time. Thus, one should take it off from the cover to prevent it from overheating.
  • And when placing the USB and power slots, you have to place it on the flat surface to correctly insert them and have access.
  • Since it is not a bag, there are also no pockets nor pouches available for storage of other items like the mouse or phones.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about the Fintie Case is that it is reasonably price but never sacrifices its quality. For those who only wish for some protection of their device, this is the best unit to buy.

Thao Nyugen
As editor in chief, Thao Nguyen is responsible for the editorial direction, media platforms, and business strategy of Technology Review.