The Best 8 HTC One M9 Phone Cases

Here is a review of smartphone cases and this article will help you choose which one to buy. There are a lot of cases out there, but when it comes to features and what it can do for your phone, the products on this list will be worth it.

1. Maxboost® Vibrance Series Case

Maxboost Vibrance Series Case

  • Features vibrant colors with an elegant and functional design
  • Has protection on all 4 sides and raised edge for screen protection
  • It has a perfect fit on your device because of its exact cutout for speakers, audio and charging ports, and buttons
  • It has a soft interior to prevent scratches on your phone and no tearing will happen
  • Provided with a warranty that will last a lifetime – this case will have your phone secure for as long as you need it to

I truly like the look and the vibe of this telephone case. The hues are unquestionably more quieted than in the photos, yet I think it looks pleasant. The case has a delicate touch feel to it that makes it feel more costly than it is. It’s additionally not fantastically cumbersome and has a shortsighted tastefulness to it.


2. Spigen METALLIZED BUTTONS Neo Hybrid Series Cases

Spigen METALLIZED BUTTONS Neo Hybrid Series Case

  • There is a bumper protection with a TPU shell and PC bumper
  • Pressing buttons are easy because of its metallized material
  • Style and grip are both enhanced because of the Matte TPU shell
  • Screen protection with a raised lip of 1.2mm
  • Designed with their principal neo hybrid case and a style that gives enough protection that is provided with a polycarbonate frame for a better fit to shield your phone from bumps and scratches


  • This is a very slick looking case
  • The buttons have a good click to them.
  • The rubberized backing has infinitely better grip than the machined aluminum of the One M9.
  • It seems to provide a fair amount of protection.
  • Buttons are easy to click, the headphone and charging port aren’t covered.


  • The metal bumper is a pain to get on the rubber.
  • The metal bumper isn’t particularly thick.
  • The top grill of the case is also fairly wide open and hard to get into.
  • The volume buttons and power button are a bit loose.

I’m shockingly fulfilled by this buy. The case looks awesome, the set patterns are correct, and the catches are really less demanding to press than some time recently. I like the nuances in outline (the upper flame broil, the One-esque lines on the back) and the silver guard gives an incredible complexity to gunmetal. I normally purchase cases that are not exactly $10 however I took a bet this time and it paid off. This is an awesome case.


3. SUPCASE Flexible TPU Case

SUPCASE Premium Ultra Slim Fit SoftGel Flexible TPU Case

  • It is specifically designed for HTC One M9 that’s been released in 2015
    Even if the case is installed, all of the features can be accessed
  • Constructed with high-grade Thermoplastic Polyurethanes so that protection is at a top level
  • Advanced coating technology was used so that it doesn’t scratch, slip, and it is very durable
  • The edges at the front are raised to give maximum protection when the phone is facing down

Great fit, looks great, and shipped extremely fast! It isn’t bulky and seems to protect the phone just fine. At this price, it is a no-brainer. I would recommend it and would buy it again if I needed to for some reason.


4. VEGO Full Body Waterproof Shockproof Dirtproof Case

VEGO Full Body Waterproof Shockproof Dirtproof Case

  • Can be used for HTC One M8 and M9
  • The case fits perfectly onto the body and it is completely washable and durable
  • It is waterproof, can handle impact, and shockproof
  • Provided with a design that is great for everyday use, swimming, surfing, drifting, and any other outdoor activity
  • Made up of PC hard shell, TPU protection to prevent water from entering the phone, dust, bumps, and scratches

This waterproof case was incredible! My child utilized it at the waterpark when he went down the slides! He could work the telephone and video him descending the slides! I got this water confirmation case at a marked down rate keeping in mind the end goal to give my survey. Whichever way this case is awesome to have when you go to a waterpark or the shoreline!




  • Includes 2 pieces – hard back case and a belt clip that has a lock
  • Rotating belt clip swivels at 180 degrees for different positions
  • Impact resistant hard shell made from polycarbonate material and a silicone sleeve that can absorb shock. The corners are protected with double-silicone for drop protection
  • Very easy to carry and sturdy.


  • Gives more insurance than most cases; looks great; clasps/unclips onto belt cut sufficiently simple and is secure; catch regions function admirably.


  • Not as “rough” as promoted; belt clasp appears somewhat powerless; IR Blaster set pattern ought to be greater.

Fits well. Permits access to every essential catch. Adds little haul to a generally light telephone making it feel less delicate. Also, secures superior to you’d think. first thing in the wake of putting it on my telephone, obviously I dropped it. Not a scratch.

Can’t beat it at the cost. Just thing I would change is the hard support to make it less smooth. In any case, that is my own taste. By and by amazing case at the cost.


6. Otterbox commuter case made for HTC One M9

OtterBox Commuter Case for HTC One M9

  • It is thin and light in weight slider case with 2 pieces to give drop protection
  • Comes with a self-adhesive screen protector that will prevent scratches
  • Their ports that will keep dust and debris from entering the phone
  • You can easily slide it in and out of your pocket without any hassle

The case’s capacity to protect and shield my cell gadget is intriguingly sufficient, be that as it may, the sound controls and bolt and power controls situated on the right half of the gadget, if you somehow managed to have the screen confronting you, are marginally and irritatingly firm and hard to use with solace. All things considered, as a recap, the case’s capacity to protect my cell gadget’s working capacities, and shield its stylish properties is outstanding.


7. Stalion® Shockproof Impact Resistance Case

Stalion Shockproof Impact Resistance Case

  • It is a combination that is specially made for HTC One M9 and it is slim, light in weight, and has a fitted design
  • TPU/PC design for the casing looks good and gives great protection. Not hard to remove and very flexible
  • You can easily operate the phone without removing the case
  • Double infused polycarbonate TPU material so your phone is protected, but still remains stylish
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for replacement

Great phone case! Fits my phone perfectly and provides and very clean and sharp look. Packaged very nicely which makes me further believe the case protecting my phone is high quality and durable. Very nice construction and design, looks nice and luxurious. would highly recommend this case to anyone who wants durable protection for their phone!


8. Cimo [Wave] Premium Slim TPU Flexible Soft Case

  • TPU material is waterproof and can absorb shock
  • Screen is well-protected and the front edges are beveled
  • Design is super slim and fits perfectly which only adds very little bulk to your phone
  • You get more grip because of anti-slip properties

Love the reasonable case for my new HTC ONE m9. It fits consummately looks awesome and adds hold to the telephone. The side catches need a firm touch however for me this is an or more as it anticipates unintentional turn on in my pocket. I can’t talk about whether it will stay straightforward yet at this value It is effectively replaceable. Port gaps are perfect.Slightly raised edges ensure glass screen and camera lens.


These are 8 of the best HTC One M9 cases and they will not disappoint you. They are made by the best brands that have been in the industry for quite some time.


Thao Nyugen
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