Inateck Surface Pro 3 Case

What Is product about?

The Inateck Surface Pro 3 Case Cover is a 12 inch tablet Grey colored sleeve bag intended for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (3rd Generation) with an additional Felt Pouch of the same color.

It has a dimension f 13.1 x 9 inches and is sold for $38.99 but can be bought for [amazonprice id=”20″] or a discount of $22.00 (56% off the original price) for orders over $35.


How can it help for?

This synthetic leather made Case Cover is used primarily for security purposes.

It is made with an environmentally friendly and high-quality gray felt on the outside with a soft flannel lining inside and sealed with Velcro closure.

There are three compartments for the Inateck Case Cover: one main compartment for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 laptop, and two back pockets for smaller gadgets like mobile phones, earphones, wallet, and the likes.

Some users even place bigger items like magazines and books inside the small back pockets. The smaller pockets are also secured with a stretchable band.

The mouse can be inserted in the additional felt pouch.

Features & Bonus

A lot of its users find the case cover to be practically designed with clean lining and stitches.

One purchased, it also comes with a top end micro fiber cloth to ensure that your devices and gadgets are clean dried.

Review Pros & Cons

  • The Good

Aside from the fact that the materials used for the Case Cover is environmentally friendly material that is renewable and biodegradable, it is also mold proof with the gadgets placed inside to be safe from wear and tear and even scratches. The flannel lining inside the case over also absorbs the shock that the laptop is subjected to.

  • The Bad

Unfortunately, the product also has some requirements that is quite disadvantageous to some. For example, only dry cleaning is allowed to the product, with the use of a clean cloth for the cleaning of the screen.

Furthermore, since it is intended for usage of the Surface Pro 3 is only 12” and 10.6” Surface Pro 2/Pro 1, the Case Cover is not suitable for those which are bigger than the desired dimension. Also, only the Surface Pro, which is both a tablet and hybrid laptop, can be inserted inside the Cover Case, with the mouse, but not the charger anymore.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing, though, is that the cover case is durable and can perform the objective that it is made for and purchased in the first place, to protect the devices placed inside. And with the added feature and reasonable price, the Inateck Surface Pro 3 Case Cover is really worth the price.

Thao Nyugen
As editor in chief, Thao Nguyen is responsible for the editorial direction, media platforms, and business strategy of Technology Review.