Top 10 iPhone 5 Covers & Cool Cases

Do you own an iPhone 5? There is a chance that you have already purchased different cases for it so that you can change it to go with your outfit. This is considered to be normal and the selections that are available will make it easy for you to choose. While your preference may play a huge role on the case that you are going to purchase, you have to remember that there are still a lot of things that you have to consider.

Why Buy a Rugged iPhone Case?

You need to purchase a rugged iPhone case because you have to make sure that it will be able to withstand the various things that the phone may experience. If the case of your phone is not tough, there is always a big chance that it will suddenly break down and it will ruin your whole phone.

You do not want to purchase a new phone just because your case failed you, right? Do remember that there are different cases for your iPhone that are available that can withstand different distances. Choose to depend on which one you think will be the best for you.

Unique iPhone Skins: What to Look For

Aside from the ruggedness of your iPhone case, here are some of the other things that you ought to search for:

  • Protection – You have to make sure that the case you are going to purchase will be successful in protecting your phone. If the case is only beautiful but will not provide any other feature then you may want to look elsewhere.
  • Durability – Even if the case is just being stored somewhere when you are not using it, it has to be durable. You would not want something that can be broken down into two if you accidentally step on it or you drop your phone. Even if nothing bad will happen to your phone, if the case breaks, it will be harder to manage.
  • Variety – If you prefer a brand then feel free to browse through the variety that they have available. There is a very big chance that you will see some designs that you will like and appreciate.
  • Warranty – Do you want the iPhone case to come with a warranty? You can be sure that if something goes wrong with the case, you can easily have it changed.

Aside from these things, you may still want to consider other things to help you out.

10 iPhone 5 Cases to Consider

Here are some of the iPhone 5 cases that you may want to consider to purchase:

1. Griffin 605031 – SVFB Survivor Case

If you are searching for a case that is simple looking but will give various features that you are searching for, this may be what you are searching for. It has an integral display shield that can help protect your iPhone 5 from wind and rain. The camera flap of this iPhone case is very easy to use. It is a plus that this is waterproof makes it great. Do remember though that some of its cons include the fact that it is not exactly pretty. You cannot expect it to stand out. It might also be hard to hear the voice of the person you are talking to with the use of this case.

2. Otterbox Defender Series Case

This is a good iPhone case that you may want to have if you want a shock absorbing and impact-deflecting materials that can make up a great case for your own devices. This is known to be a highly sturdy iPhone case so this can help a lot especially if you know that you are not too protective of your phone or if you are a bit clumsy. The extra rubber that comes with this case will make your phone seem more protected than usual. One con though is the fact that it can be hard to put on. It can also make your phone bulkier than usual.

3. Incipio Stashback for iPhone 5

You can be sure that this is an ultra-rugged phone case so you can use it in extreme weather conditions. You can easily use it because you have access to all of the controls and buttons that you may need to use. While it can help protect the various parts of your phone, you cannot expect it to protect the bottom part of your phone. You might be surprised if your phone suddenly cracks in the process. The plastic shell might not look as elegant compared to other iPhone 5 cases.

4. Lifebox Glow Dark Lava fluorescent Water Rubber Case

If you would be given a wide array of iPhone 5 cases, this might be one of those that you will notice immediately just because it glows in the dark. Aside from this unique feature, though, it can help protect your phone without much effort. It also comes with a lifetime warranty which can make it easy for you to change it whenever you encounter problems with it. Some people say that it is super thick though and not all of the areas of the phone actually glow in the dark which means that it can still be hard to see in the dark.

5. Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Fre Series

This is a waterproof phone case that can withstand water for up to 6 feet. You can be sure that using this will not come with any problem. You can easily use all the buttons and make use of all of your phone’s features. One problem that people have encountered though is being duped into purchasing counterfeit items. While the original Lifeproof case may come with a warranty, a counterfeit product cannot be changed with a real one so purchase from a trusted seller.

6. TECH 21 D30 Skin Case Cover

This is one of the products that you can be sure has all the right materials that can be very helpful in keeping your phone safe. It is known for its flexibility and its great design. It is slim enough to be used for your phone without making it too bulky. It is well made and you can expect that over time, it will still not peel off and it will not crack. One main problem though is it may be hard to press the on/off button. This might not be a problem if you use it sparingly.

7. Speck Products SmartFlex Card Case

This is one product that you can use if you want extra protection for your phone. If you have some cards that you would also like to use, you can store up to 3 cards on the card protection case. The case itself is made cleanly and can make your phone look great. The materials used to make this are all lab tested for extra protection. One problem that you may encounter when you use this case is it can be hard to press the different buttons that it protects.

8. SnowLizard SLXtreme Case for iPhone 5

This is a watertight and rubber sealed case for your iPhone 5. One of the features that make it stand out is that it has an integrated battery which means that the battery of your phone can be prolonged for a certain period of time. It can also be taken down for up to 6 feet. There are some problems with it though like the fact that it can be hard to understand what the person you are talking to is trying to say. You also have to remove it from your phone every time you charge.

9. Belkin LEGO Case – Shield

This lego case does not only look great, it can also be worthy of protecting your phone from possible harm. It can even protect the buttons that you may have on the side of your phone, but it will keep the speakers exposed to make it easy to hear sounds emanating from your phone. Do remember to keep your case protected to be sure with what you can expect. Since it is made out of hard plastic, it cannot take too much shock and might break down after some time.

10. Hello Kitty Bow Cam Series iPhone 5 Cases

This iPhone 5 case that is made out of hard silicone and it is not only functional but cute too because its large ribbon can be seen on the side. It will not cover your lens at all so this can still be used to take pictures even with the use of this case. While it is known to protect your phone from dust, it may be hard to try it out now because it is still new but then, it will be hard to resist its cuteness.


There is a possibility that through the things that are listed above, you can already narrow down your search to choose the right case for your iPhone 5. Make sure to consider the things that are important to you and you will not have any problem at all.

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