Manvex Leather Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

What is the product about?

The leather case from Manvex is completely crafted for use with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. This executive fashioned cover is meant for the 12 inch Surface Pro tablet.

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Although the Surface pro 3 keyboard are compatible with it, it’s used for one without any keyboard as well. Its outer surface is made of PU leather and the interior is soft, scratch resistant suede that provides safety for use on a daily basis. This leather case from Manvex offers a perfect fitting, which provides complete access to every feature, port and vent of the Surface Pro 3.

Through its dual-tone, this leather case looks great with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet. While there is an extensive range of screening angles on offer, the case even performs like a stand as well.

The leather case is available in multiple combinations of colours such as Red & Black, Black & Grey, Pink & White, Brown & Black and Blue & White. It’s best compatible for somebody that requires safety from cuts and scratches and also from little drop downs.

How can it help for?

With Manvex Cover, you can safeguard the tablet all the time through this top quality leather case. Tailor-made for the tablet, the case design appears simple and stylish. There is no need to be concerned in regards to any scratches or damages towards the screen since the exterior is of premium PU leather fabric and the inside lining is of unscratchable suede fabric.

This exclusively designed cover converts the case into a viewing stand with multiple angles. Nevertheless, this ability permits the tablet to be viewed and used hands-free, no matter the position and without any tension. This case has been tailor-made for the tablet. As a result, all aspects of the tablet, which includes the camera function and charging port, are easy to reach through the case as well.

The case provides suitable mobility through its slender structure and is known to always provide protection. Moreover, without any problems, the tablet slides into its place perfectly. A Velcro strip fastens the interior back of the cover that secures the base flap. Since this strip is effective and large, it secures the device in position and the kickstand is covered by this flap. Four grooves are implanted into the face cover, which allows the tablet to slide frontwards and to any direction. The bonus aspect is the place that holds the stylus or a pen and is a favourite.

When the keyboard is attached, it fits perfectly and there are no issues in closing the case. While the keyboard is being used, on the reverse side of the case, there’s an elastic band that is used to close and secure the case. However, when the keyboard is removed the case covering Manvex functions perfectly like a tablet. The flaps stay closed quite firmly through magnets at the face cover and face bezel of the case.

Last but not the least, Manvex covering case has exceptional customer service.

Features & Bonus

  • The case is well-suited for the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet
  • Due to accidental drops, it absorbs shock and protects the tablet
  • Through readymade cut-outs and accessible to every port, it’s particularly designed for the Surface 3 tablet
  • The case is well suitable for use with the Touch keyboard, Microsoft Type keyboard and through no keyboard as well
  • Through a wide choice of viewing angles, it converts to a multi-position stand
  • The bonus aspect is the place to hold the stylus or a pen
  • Through the customary card holders by laser cutting, store notes or contact cards with ease

Product Description

Ensure your tablet with this premium leather case from Manvex at all times! This case brandishes a straightforward and tasteful configuration specially crafted for your tablet, the outside of the case is produced using an excellent PU calfskin material, while the inside is lined with non-scratch softened cowhide material so you won’t have to stress over any harms or scratches to the screen.

The case cover is interestingly intended to change the case into a multi-edge survey stand, this capacity permits the viewer to utilize the tablet without hands whatever your position may be without strain. The case was specially crafted for your tablet so all components of the tablet including the charging port and camera capacity (where pertinent) are open even with the case on.

The thin structure of the case offers advantageous versatility so you can simply snatch your tablet and be prepared to make a go at, knowing it will be secured at all times!

Review – Pros & Cons

The Good

  • The case securely holds the tablet in place. The underneath is wrapped around with a Velcro flap that does not need to be fiddled with. It’s even comparatively simple to open while removing.
  • Trouble-free flexible and adjustable kickstand. There is also a wide supportive choice of directions.
  • In almost a second, it goes from complete function to close and carry. It’s a delight to close the bare Surface.
  • Its executive style, through smart and stylish design, perfectly fits the Surface Pro 3, while permitting venting and access to all ports.
  • The case folds to offer an adjustable stand through multiple levels.
  • Quality PU leather with a soft padded feeling. Efficient stitching and high quality contributes to its positives aspects.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available in a range of colours: red, black, blue, pink and brown with a matching colour strip of grey or black.
  • Flexible pen spot fits with ease and securely.

The Bad

  • Generally, the flap underneath the keyboard expands to the middle of the keyboard and creates a nasty result. Besides, this causes touch-typin’ to become quite hurtful.
  • The Windows 8 edge gesticulations are compromised through the tablet’s bezel. The swipe-from-base gesture is more or less impractical to invoke. For any person proficient at Windows 8’s recent user familiarity, it’s a serious loss. The significant swipe-from-side gesticulations seem terrible in comparison to the bare Surface.
  • Every time the case opens, the magnetic strip needs to be snapped and twisted back. This causes the back-camera to be out-of-use and that can be quite annoying.
  • The materials and construction look ordinary.

I like this item, gives my surface pro some protection and makes using it in different positions possible. SP2 fits snugly with access to all of its ports. My only concern is someday the elastic band will stretch and/or break.


Very nice case for the Surface pro 3. Well made. Fits pleasantly and keeps the unit secured. Having the capacity to utilize it at numerous points tackles the one position kickstand issue. Simple access to the pen with a different pen holder is an or more. It holds it vastly improved than the magnet.

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