Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Docking Station Review

Microsoft has launched new model Surface Pro 3 Docking Station as a series of its docking products.


This device is not for the tablet and laptop replacement but also useful for a full desktop.

This is a simply designed metal material thin docking station for the technology lovers.

Microsoft designed the device so perfectly that is very much affordable and lightweight to the users. VaporMG (magnesium aluminum) has been used for the dock station that makes it super light to the users.

It’s well-designed and really turns the Surface Pro 3 into a desktop machine. Pulling it out of the dock is also easy and instantly turns it back into the superior mobile device it is.


Moreover, this is only $199 that may not seem to be cheap for some group. While Dell and HP are giving good stations at the cheaper rate, you will have additional features in this device.


Using the dock station is very easy because of having a little lining up to your tablet or laptop. The lock system is superb than previous Surface Pro devices because it includes a power adapter that also manages audio out, display out as well as Ethernet.

The design is regarded as a master art because of the additional features because everything will be connected once you docked your laptop or tablet or PC. The volume keys, mini Display port, re-charging option along with USB port will connect to each other.


As soon as you docked any device, you can easily get a high-speed gigabit Ethernet connection to the device. As a result, you will have up to 1 billion bits per second speed for transferring data.

USB ports: Moreover, this enables you to get more USB ports both 2.0 and 3.0-speed connection. Therefore, you can make an office whenever and whatever you want by joining printer, mouse, keyboard and more. The headphone port will always present the best sound quality with built-in sound card.

The Good

Some of the advantages or facilities of using the Microsoft Surplus Pro 3 docking station are:

  • It includes a Mini Display Port that supports 4096 x 2304 resolution
  • It includes 5 USB ports
  • It includes charging port that can charge your device while using

No more investing money for buying additional HDMI port to your display, because this device can provide you 4K resolution to your science. Moreover, this shows both 30 Hz and 60 Hz to both laptops and Mac devices.

This is a great option for the people those who want to have an HD quality picture on desktop or tablet or laptop. This mini device will give your tablet a high-resolution display along with amazing speed for data exchange.

The Bad

A bit expensive.

My Recommendation

This is an incredible expansion to your Surface Pro 3. The dock lives up to expectations superbly as you can simply sit the Surface on it and snap it in. You get moment access to everything connected to the dock including USB 3.0, small scale displayport screens and force. Even it’s a touch costly I would have gotten it only for the charging in light of the fact that it’s so easy to utilize and it looks great sitting around my work area.


The Surface Pro 3 supports maximum types of hardware PC and laptops to give you the next generation service. Powerful Core i7 version PCs will also get a great support and boost the power of the device. Therefore, there is nothing left that you need to expect from a dock station. In fact, this docked station will enable make the great connection and have a comfortable working space.

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Thao Nyugen
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