To get a free Burger King Sandwich or Whopper after you eat a meal at Burger King, simply save your receipt and use the code to take an online survey at You’ll receive a code for a free sandwich as a thank you for your time after taking the survey.

How To Take The MyBkExperience Survey

Want more details on how to take the survey?

Go to the mybkexperience page to learn more.

Burger King offers this survey to improve it’s own experience, and it rewards the customer for taking the survey with a free sandwich!

What a great deal – you’d have to be crazy not to take advantage of it.

So, think you’ll be switching to Burger King from McDonald’s now? What is your take on the survey, let us know in the comments below!

Thao Nyugen
As editor in chief, Thao Nguyen is responsible for the editorial direction, media platforms, and business strategy of Technology Review.