The Top 10 Nokia Lumia 920 Sleek Cases

One of the most popular phone brands across the world is the Nokia Lumia 920. There have been insane sell outs for the phone as Nokia lovers flock into stores for one of their own.

As most people pour into the stores to buy this smartphone, phone cover makers have also taken advantage of the situation and adapted to making numerous phone cover designs for this model. Some of the models available in the market at the moment include the following:

1. Worldshopping Black Slim-Fit Hard Back Case

These covers features a leather made a flip cover that cover your phone on the back and front. The cover also comes with an amazing free wipe cloth so that you can keep both the cover and your phone completely clean at all times.

2. Neoprene pouch By Shocksock

This is a very cheap phone cover option that keeps your phone well covered and secure within a pouch. This shock sock production guarantees added security for you Lumia and it comes in pink, black and red.

3. Nokia Angry Birds Pull Tab Case

Those searching for a simple, but elegant look, this is definitely the cover for you. The cover also comes with an angry bird logo that is guaranteed to add touch to your phone.

4. Low Profile Leather Wallet Case

This is more of a multipurpose cover. It not only carries your phone safely but also allows you to store your other items such as cards in the slots that come with the cover. It’s currently available in three colors; pink, purple and black.

5. Genuine Leather Pocket Case by Shocksock

Fir assured quality, this other shock sock product is a great guarantee. It’s made from pure, authentic leather for durability and at the same time ensuring good quality.

6. Worldshopping Candy Color Glossy Skin Gel Case

These case types are usually mostly for funky phone users. They are available in numerous colors according to your taste.

7. Black Vegan Leather Folio Wallet-style Case and Stand

This type acts as a stand, a phone cover and also a card holder. Therefore, for an all round cover, this is the way to go.

8. Worldshopping Slim-Fit Hard Back Case Cover

This is yet another product from world shopping. This is a clear indication as to how serious these guys are about their phone cover production business.

9. Nokia CP-560 Carrying Case

This is one of their rare designed cases. This case allows you to carry your phone around in different ways. This is made possible by the clip feature that comes with the case.

10. Ottherbox Nokia Lumia 920 Commuter Series Case

For grand protection, the otterbox mighty case is a phone cover you can completely trust.

Thao Nyugen
As editor in chief, Thao Nguyen is responsible for the editorial direction, media platforms, and business strategy of Technology Review.