ProCase Premium Folio Cover Case Review

There are plenty of cover cases which are available in the market today. Some of them are designed depending on the specific need of the users. Some are designed for better viewing while others are for protection and comfort.

But for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, there is just one cover case that serves all of these purposes and so much more.

What Is the product about?

Among the many Microsoft surface pro 3 cases, the ProCase Premium Case with Stand is one of the most affordable ones, being sold at $49.99.

But for those who will purchase the ProCase Cover online, one can purchase it for $36.99 and can even go to as low as $31.95 with free shipping if orders are over $35, a savings of $18.04.

This is a Cover Case that is made exclusively for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Windows 8.1 tablet that has a dimension of 11.8 in x 8.1 in x 0.6 inches and weighs only 6.9 ounces.


How can it help for?

When placed inside the ProCase Cover Case, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is securely placed inside the because of the high-quality Velcro that keeps that device from sliding in and out, including the keyboard.

Features & Bonus

  • The outside layer of the ProCase Cover is made of the premium composition leather that will provide the greatest protection against shock.
  • Furthermore, the interior is with a soft lining that will protect the device from scratches.
  • It is also designed to allow full access and maximum usage of the device’s camera, ports, and buttons.
  • There is also a built-in a pen holder on the cover case were the pen or stylus can be securely placed by an elastic ring.
  • Because of the Velcro that provides security, one can place the device at a different angle without the fear of it falling off the cover case. Putting in and pulling out of the device from the cover case is also not a problem.

Review Pros & Cons

The Good

  • This cover case has leather trimming around the screen, but the keyboard folds up really nicely without the need to remove it.
  • The leather exterior is available in black/brown, black/white, and purple/white that makes it versatile depending on the preference of the user or buyer. One could also choose from three different trims.
  • It is designed in such a way that the bottom part of the case cover is also open where the keyboard can be used but is safely secured with the Velcro while the top and right sides are also available for the ventilation.
  • The closed part is just the left side but with the top part of it allows for the control of the volume as well as the headphone jack. Because of its design, you can place it on one’s lap while using the tablet for typing and viewing.

The Bad

  • However, since it is made exclusively for the 12 inch Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet, it is compatible with neither the Surface 2 nor Pro 2 tablet.
  • Moreover, one needs to remove the device from the case cover if there is a need to use the Microsoft docking station. Sadly, there is also no compartment for the mouse storage.
  • Another concern is that the magnetic charging plug can only be attached only in one way and has the tendency to come off a littler easy than the other cover cases.

Final Thoughts

This cover case is recommended by a lot of its users because it is really worthy of the money that it is purchased for without the other requirements and hassles.

It is better to spend a little fortune on the ProCase Premium Cover Case for the safety and protection it provides to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Thao Nyugen
As editor in chief, Thao Nguyen is responsible for the editorial direction, media platforms, and business strategy of Technology Review.