10 Best Samsung Galaxy Alpha Phone Cases

1. Spigen Galaxy Alpha Case

This case is made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate that makes it perfect for protecting your Alpha from bumps and scratches. The case makes use of Air Cushion Technology on all its four corners. The case is really perfect as it has an advanced shock absorption technology.

The control buttons are made of metal and also have polycarbonate to give it a polished and stylish look. It is really good because it is perfectly compatible with Samsung Galaxy Alpha. If you are looking for a stylish, sleek elegant and classy accessory that is also affordable, then this is your case cover of choice. Besides the good aesthetics, it is also light in weight and fits the device perfectly.


2. Terrapin Galaxy Alpha Case

This is one case cover that undoubtedly spells out class and sense of fashion. It is clear in color and compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The Terrapin case has a high-quality fit and allows access to all controls and openings thus one can quickly use the phone as they would without a cover without any unnecessary limitations. It is a hard case built to fit the Samsung Alpha.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy mobile then you probably understand why keeping it protected from damage is very important and also a good investment as it prolongs the life of your precious device. So go ahead and protect your Alpha by getting one of these Terrapin covers for the cheapest price.


3. Shocksock Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case

The Shocksock case is an Alpha armband that you can easily wash with a washing machine without destroying its quality and appearance. It has ideal sports flexibility with its dual-arm size slots to allow maximum adjustability in case there is the need. The case has Velcro band that is adjustable and comes in handy when you go for a jog or a bike ride.

Simply strap your phone on your arm, this will keep the phone safe and secure. The case comes in a variety of sizes and is made in a nice, soft and simple material you will barely notice that the phone is strapped on your arm unless the phone rings. The case is made of a reflective material for night time use, this is awesome because if it is dark then the user can still find the device wherever it is. The black color gives it a really cool bold look. The case goes allows comfort and gives way to style.


4. CaseFormers Combo Case

You can get this CaseFormers case for just a few bucks. The case comes with two stands. There is one stand on the case and another one the holster that is adjustable. The case also has an adjustable belt clip and the button cutouts are cut to precision. To protect your device from scratches and bumps, the case features a hard shell. The case has a striking groove design adding to the style and improving the grip. The shock absorbing layer protects from any cracks that may be caused by drops.


5. Galaxy Alpha Case by RedShield

This is a flip case wallet with slots for cards or ID’s. The cutouts are is precisely cut out to make sure that all ports and buttons are accessible. The magnetic flap keeps the phone safe and secure when it is closed. When using the device, the cover will remain folded.

The best thing about the Redshield case cover is that it has dual functionality. It keeps the phone scratch free and also protects from accidental falls. The case has a high-quality faux leather exterior and the stitching is heavy duty thus giving the phone an elegant look and feel and also ensures durability. This case is specially designed for Samsung Alpha 2014. With such a cover, one gets the luxury of protecting their phone from fall and scratch, giving the phone a new look as well. The possibility of using the case as a wallet adds an advantage to the buyer as they do not have to incur extra expenses buying a wallet.


6. Mr Sheild Samsung Galaxy Alpha Premium Screen Protector

This case has a lifetime warranty that covers replacement. The Mr.Shield Case comes with a premium screen protector that does not form bubbles when installed because it uses high technology glues. The case covers the entire device giving maximum screen protection. The case is anti-scratch and scuff resistant. When you buy this case you also get a cleaning cloth, installation instructions and removing tapes.


7. Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case by Evocel

This Evocel case is stylish, slim and lightweight thus making it portable as it will not add extra weight to your device. It is manufactured using high-quality polycarbonate and TPU materials that leave a smooth finish. The case has double layers of protection both on the inside and outside. The two layers are shocked resistant for better protection. The case offers easy accessibility to all buttons and other features. It is specially made for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850. It is a very practical case for daily use.


8. Samsung Galaxy Alpha Cimo Premium Case

This case is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy 2014 models and is very affordable going for just less than $10. It is made of shock absorbing, shatterproof TPU premium material.

The case fits perfectly because it is quite slim and adds no extra weight or bulkiness on the phone. Its anti-slip properties allow you to have more grip thus reducing unnecessary falls. The edges are beveled and, therefore, reduces the risk of the device slipping should you place it on a table. It is available in a variety of colors that a customer can choose to suit their preference.


9. Ringke Fusion Galaxy Alpha Case

This case has a beautiful fusion crystal view color. It is a do it yourself personalized case and it is one of the thinnest, clearest and hardest cases. The Ringke Fusion case comes with a free premium HD clear screen protector.

The case has an attached earphone dust cap to protect the phone from dirt. It also comes with a new touch technology that allows a more natural receptive feel whenever you push the volume or power button. This case is simply stylish and beautiful for people who love the class.


10. Grenade Grip Rugged Skin Hard Galaxy Alpha Case Cover

This is a two-layer inner silicone core case with an anti-slip Hard Shell. It is also a very easy to assemble a lightweight case. It has a built-in Kickstand stand on the back for a comfortable horizontal viewing position. The inner layer of Galaxy case made up of Grenade Grip Rugged Skin Case is made of flexible and durable TPU material. The case has extra cushioning on all four corners of the phone. It is shocking absorbent with an anti-scratch material. This is definitely a must have for those with Samsung Galaxy Alphas.


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