Best 8 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Cases & Covers

Searching for the right case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4? People usually have different reasons why they would like to have cases. Some get a case in order to decorate and design their tab, but there are also some who are perfectly happy with having a case that is already useful and functional. What about you, what do you search for when you are searching for a tab case?

Once you already know your preferences, what you have to work on is to narrow down your search. Do remember that there are various products that you can choose from. It is all about choosing the right one for you.

Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Smart Shell Case and Cover

I have to say that I found this tab case very basic when I first saw it. It looks so plain which is not something I would normally want in a tab case so imagine my delight when I realized that it comes in printed versions too. This is something I know I would want to have. The fact that it is slim and durable also makes it perfect in my eyes. I definitely would like to check out the other printed versions of this tab case so that I can change it depending on what I am looking for. This also comes with a keyboard stand – absolutely perfect for what I have in mind.


ProCase SlimSnug Case Cover

The multiple standing design feature makes it perfect for me because I have to admit that I let my tab stand in different ways. Sometimes I need it to stand horizontally because I am watching some videos, but I need it to be in portrait version when I am reading my e-books. The fact that this can do both viewing angles makes me happy. I am also quite happy with the fact that I can charge it when the case is closed because I do not have to worry about removing the cover case again just to charge my tab. This also comes with various designs that will help you personalize your tab well.


MoKo Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Case

Would you like to have a case that will allow you to feature all the buttons and controls easily? That was what I have wanted to and I came across this particular tab case that I am pretty happy with. This comes with a magnetic closure and since I am forgetful, this has helped me close my tab whenever I would need to. It does not come with any bezels on a screen so I did not have many problems with trying to navigate around my screen. The best part about this tab case is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.


Poetic Samsung Galaxy RevolutionSeries

While this does not come with a front cover that I did not like in the beginning, I have to admit that it is able to make the tab look cool so you can be sure that the construction of this will look great as well. This comes with a water resistant screen protector though so you can be sure that whether some splashes of water will accidentally go to your screen, your screen will remain protected. This will also make everything scratch proof so actually there is nothing to worry about that much.


I–BLASON Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Leather Case

This may be in synthetic leather form and this has made me skeptical in the beginning especially since I know that I can also purchase authentic leather cases but what made me like this case too is the fact that it comes with some hand strap holders. This has made it possible for me to place the items that I need especially when I am rushing. The elastic hand strap is very beneficial for me as well. You can make use of the free stylus too in case you need it.


SUPCase Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Case

This has an advanced front cover snap on design that some people seem to prefer over the cases that come with a front cover. I personally like the one with front cover better, but I will still get this case in a heartbeat because it makes sure that my tab will remain scratch free. I have to say that the design is innovative as well. I can be sure that I can access all the features that are available even when I have already installed the case. Sporty people will like the way that this case will make their tab look like.


Finite Samsung Galaxy Kiddie Case

Searching for a case that is perfect for a kid or the kid at heart? This may be the right case to look for. I tried it out and I like that I can carry it like a briefcase with either of my hands. It comes in different colors too so I had no trouble with trying to work it out. I did not know in the beginning that the case can also be arranged so that it can become a stand so imagine my surprise when I was able to do that. I have to say that this is one great product to try.


WAWO Samsung Galaxy Creative Folio 7-inch Case

The quality PU leather has sold me on this case because I love everything that looks and feels elegant. It automatically made by tablet look elegant and classy and I know this will not be possible without this tablet case. It comes with accurate openings too so I can make use of all the features of my tab without having to remove the case. The convenient stand has helped me watch movies in horizontal view too so basically; this is the perfect case for me.


All tab cases have something new to offer and it will ultimately depend on your preference which one you think will work best for you.

Thao Nyugen
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