Top 6 Bags For Surface Pro 3

If you happen to own a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, you’d naturally want to keep the device protected when you are on the move. In that respect, a top quality bag plays a big role in keeping the device safe during travels.

Here’s a list of the best six bags for the Surface Pro 3.

Cady Messenger Cube Bag Case

 - Uniquely designed
- Water and scratch resistant

Worth to buy.

A case or bag that is universal in size permits a range of devices to be carried in it, for instance, laptops, tablets & MP3 player. The Cady case is designed with numerous pockets. This allows you to carry additions like chargers, pens, a notepad and memory cards together with your units for convenience while traveling.

The exterior of the case is scratch and water resistant with a solid durable covering. Its interior is covered with a softly cushioned nylon fabric that is smooth as silk. The quality of fabric utilized in manufacturing this case capitalizes on protection. In addition, this case even comes with a durable rubber reinforced handle that is fixed and an adjustable shoulder belt. To avoid back strain and arms exhaustion, there are a variety of ergonomic choices on offer.

VanGoddy Deluxe Shoulder Carrying Bag

 - Easy in-case charging
- Additional storage and organization

Worth to buy.

This bag is perfect for daily usage. While you are off to school or work, it’s tough to carry all your requirements. With the Pindar, you can store all items easily without leaving out anything. There are adequate slots offered that keeps everything in order. Moreover, its interior and exterior is made from durable fabric. The well padded inside sleeve will secure and protect the device. This bag provides an exclusive MP3 and mobile phone pocket which is accessible from the outside.

It’s nicely padded interior sections are the ideal size for the Surface Pro 3. There are sections for accessories such as a small mouse, a charger and power cord. There is also space for a folder, to keep loose papers and to store the surface pen in the zippered exterior pocket closure. A lovely outside pocket is available for keeping a small PDA or phone. Moreover, this bag comes with a shoulder belt and the seams are of high quality.

Case Crown Ploy Messenger Bag

 - Excellent protectionf
- Secure velcro closure
- Lightweight, ultra-slim and easy to carry all day

Worth to buy.

This bag is very comfortable and also serves more than just a Surface Pro 3 carrying case. There are additional bags inside, which are sufficient to carry various other objects. These bags have a Velcro latch that prevents almost anything from slipping out and are durable. These bags also hold surplus items such as notebooks, writing instruments, chargers as well as a mobile phone.

The quality of the bag is top-notch. The stitching is exceptional and simply appears remarkable. This bag is recommended to any person that is searching for a bag to keep their Surface Pro 3.

ESR Cushion Sleeve Case

 - Exclusively fit for Surface Pro 3 12inch
- Multi-functional side pocket
- Front covers in five different colors

Worth to buy.

This ESR case with a handle ideally accommodates the Surface Pro 3 with or without the keyboard. It’s an ideal companion that makes life easy and a necessity for your tablet.

The inside is prepared of flannel lining and a cushion that is well padded. It’s exceptionally soft and smooth feeling protects the tablet from collisions and scratches. It’s multi-functional pockets are spacious enough for holding the mouse, mobile phones, chargers and lots of other devices.

The bag is extremely well constructed and also stylish. Moreover, this is among the best bags available for carrying the Surface Pro 3. The external fabric is also durable and reasonably good. Normally, leather is the preferred material for business and for personal use.

Protec Zip Sling Bag

 - 12 x 8.5 x 1 Inches
- Large clip
- Stretchy phone pocket
- Slim and secure profile

Worth to buy.

On the whole, tablet bags are prepared according to the size of an iPad. However, this Protec bag is slightly bigger. For this reason, it provides space for the Surface Pro 3’s longer form factor.
Ideally, it’s a sling bag but has a handle at the top. So you can carry it if you don’t wish to have it slung on your shoulder. Its strap is large and durable. This bag is made to comparatively remain thin and flat and you cannot stuff things inside. However, an AC adaptor and a wallet might fit in all probability.

The utmost pocket has some pockets for pens and other zippered pockets inside. The tablet pocket is very well padded, and the strap has a zippered pocket which is prepared from a slightly stretchable fabric. It’s ideally used like an improvised wallet or for holding a mobile phone.

Crown Water Resistant Poly North Messenger Bag

 - Additional padded
- Adjustable shoulder strap attached
- Water resistant nylon construction

Worth to buy.

This Crown water-resistant bag is a premium product. It comes with a protective region for the tablet, an additional section for holding business cards and pens, and yet another section for loose papers and folders. Besides, it is a multipurpose high-quality water-resistant bag with not many zippers, but with heaps of pockets hidden inside.

This bag comfortably carries the power cord, mobile phone, type cover, mobile dongle, a variety of SD cards, a player as well as a paperback book. In fact, everything that is required on the go can be included. The Surface Pro 3 is carried within a well-padded wrapping. On the whole, this bag is well built.


Everyone aspires to purchase the best Surface Pro 3 case that’s available. Besides, you would also want to secure your tablet with a perfect fit. Nowadays, online shopping is a rage all over the world. It doesn’t take much time to browse the hoards of tablet sleeves from various reputable brands. There are various style and fabrics to choose from as well. However, you should select the bag or sleeve that is appropriate for your needs.

Thao Nyugen
As editor in chief, Thao Nguyen is responsible for the editorial direction, media platforms, and business strategy of Technology Review.