The 5 Best Surface Pro 3 Mouses

Microsoft launched Surface Pro 3 for the lovers with so many features and benefits. This is a type of device that will give you comfortable feeling to use your tablet and replace by your laptop or PC.

This is a device that provides you the facility of using more accessories like external keyboard, mouse and other items. There are 5 USB port to connect those accessories and feel comfortable to use.

A mouse for Surface Pro 3 will give you a comfortable way to use your laptop or tablet. Although you will have a pen included in the Surface Pro 3, you may not friendly of using the pen. As a result, a mouse connected on the USB port will make you feel using desktop.

Why should we use mouse for surface pro 3?

When you will buy a Surface Pro 3, you will find many accessories to be used with this. Case, keyboard and most importantly mouse in order to make it more comfortable to use.

Using a mouse dictates you will not need to use the pen pointer. On the other hand, many of the users complain that the pen pointer does not work properly in some cases.

As a result, the mouse will give you the opportunity to operate your laptop, tablet or PC perfectly, just like the way you want.

The advantages of using Surface Pro 3 Mouse

You are using a Surface Pro 3 mouse but why? What are the benefits of using a mouse is important to know for any user. Otherwise, new users will not hunt for buying a mouse for the dock station.

Using a mouse with Surface Pro 3 is very much comfortable to use than the pen pointer. Just imagine of using the tablet on the dock station horizontally movement. How much time you can work on your laptop or tablet on that position? Surely, you can spend hours to hours when you will use a mouse instead of the pen pointer.

Having a mouse means to work properly. Although this is a well-designed device of Microsoft Company, you may not feel comfortable of using the pen pointer or use hand touch to operate the devices. However, using a mouse will protect you from any type of hand pain.

What if you replace your PC with Surface Pro 3? Don’t you think, you will need a mouse for operating this? Of course, if you want to work real time with speed, there is no alternative of using a mouse.

The cost

The price of the mouse for Surface Pro 3 depends on the model that you want to use. Moreover, the price of the wireless mouse is higher than wired mouse. Most of the users of the docking station like to use wireless mouse in order to avoid cables.

However, the cost of mouse for Surface Pro 3 will be between $25-$80 depending on the brand, style, and size and other concerning things of mouse.

Five best wireless mouse for Microsoft surface pro 3

Don’t become confused of having too many wireless mice for Surface Pro 3. Here, we are presenting you the best 5 wireless mouse for the Microsoft dock station.

Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse for Surface

The Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse is just perfect for using with any PC, laptop, mostly for windows tablets and Microsoft Surface device. The design of the portable mouse is excellent that brings award winning glory for the model.

This is a curve mouse that provides vertical scrolling experience with no wheel. The perfect flexible design will give you a natural curve format to use this comfortable. Bluetooth 4.00 wireless technology is combined with BlueTrack technology to offer the most excellent service to the users, especially for mobile devices. Just flatten the mouse when your work is finished and about to store the mouse.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Looking for a special designed mouse for your Surface editions? This Microsoft Arc mouse is just designed for your surface experience that will give you an excellent solution. Like most of the Microsoft wireless mouse, you will also use curve style mouse with flatten power off option.

This Bluetooth 4.00 wireless mouse can be operated from more than 30 feet distance very easily. No more using analog wheel for scrolling because the touch screen scrolling technology in included. With the responding finger movement touch, page up and page down has become more comfortable.

No more thinking of a soft surface to use mouse because this is made with BlueTrack technology. As a result, you don’t need to care about the surface to use this Microsoft Surface Edition wireless mouse.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Another comfortable curve style excellent designed mouse for your surface devices. The dramatic design along with portable option adds another plus-point to your life.
Thanks to BlueTrack technology that make it usable over any surface. Moreover, easy flatten for storage make the mouse innovative and different from other devices.

It is easy to scroll because of touch screen instead of wheel. The Nano Transceiver (USB) plug-in is enough to have wireless facility of the mouse.

This is a perfect touch mouse of Microsoft that is very fast to act. Use the flatten option when your task is finish and keep it in the pocket if you are not at home.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse (H3S-00003)

If normal designed mouse is enough for you, then, this is a suitable mouse for your Surface Pro 3. This is a windows mouse with wireless Bluetooth connectivity option. The ergonomic friendly design with Blue Track Technology is one of the reasons to be the best in the wireless mouse market.

The wireless mouse provides 4-way scrolling option. Moreover, this is perfectly made for the android devices specially tablets with easy to access apps. The mouse will not need much time to access in the apps because of the easy access option.

In the bottom point, this wireless mouse provides every opportunity to work comfortably, saves time to access on the apps and no risk of hand pain.


Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

This is a unique designed touch mouse for Surface editions as well as windows tablets. This is different from other mouse styles, a new horizontal scrolling mouse with portability.
The battery power is really amazing of the wireless device. This automatically goes into “Backpack Mode” when your tablet or PC turn-off. As a result, this will conserve power automatically using its wireless technology.

The vertical and horizontal scroll experience is new in this mouse. Moreover, the touch scrolling will make your task easier than before. Like other Microsoft mouse, Microsoft has used Blue Track technology to run it over any surface.

These are the best 5 wireless mouse for Surface Pro 3 docking station. Use any of the mouse and have a comfortable user experience.

Thao Nyugen
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