Surface Pro 3 Type Cover Review

This goes perfectly with the surface pro 3. It’s very thin, have to get used to typing on it. I like how it snaps easily to the surface and covers the screen for protection from scratches and dust. The pen holder that comes with it is fabric, I think it should be plastic to make it easier to slip in the pen.

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In-depth Review Of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover

The Features

  • Delivery in 3-5 days
  • Free delivery

Product Description

Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover (Black) – Transform your Surface Pro 3 into a premium laptop with Surface Pro Type Cover.

The Good

  • Useful shortcut keys
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Vastly improved touchpad
  • Comfortable and accurate typing
  • Really thin and doesn’t add weight
  • It’s compatible with the dock
  • When you fold it back, it turns off
  • It’s backlit
  • It comes with a chintzy pen loop
  • It’s a keyboard in a pinch

The Bad

  • Overpriced
  • Cheap material showing wear and tear

My Recommendation

I like everything about it except the fuzzy material that covers the back and the area around the keyboard. It seems it is easy to get dirty, but difficult to clean. Time will tell if it is durable. It’s not a big deal, however (hence the 4/5 stars).

The keyboard cover is easy to snap into place (seems almost automatic). It is the right size for typing comfortably and doesn’t add terribly to the size and weight of the overall package. I like it!

Final Thoughts

LOVE IT! Received just as expected with no issues and works like a charm. I can’t imagine having the Surface Pro 3 without this!

I would give this a 4.8 rating. All things considered, it lives up to expectations incredible. The keys are responsive, the touch cushion is sensitive. That said the touch cushion destroys me when writing. In the event that I just barely touch the cushion, the cursor will hop to another area. This eases me off when writing. I also like that the keys have a backdrop illumination that is customizable. The spread is tough and appears to fit the Surface Pro 3 well. In the event that there is an approach to adjust the sensitivity fo the touch cushion that would help when writing. I am likewise used to having a number cushion on the privilege of the console and this doesn’t have that. In any case, with everything taken into account this is a decent expansion to the Surface Pro 3.

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