Surface Pro Keyboard

The Surface Pro 3 keyboard is one of the most comfortable devices to work with. It has one of the sleekest keyboards around.

The keyboard is very steady as it has a magnetic stability. It is very comfortable to work with and you can either place it on your lap or at your desk.

These keyboards are available in five different colors, which happen to be red, purple, cyan, black and blue. The thickness of the keyboard is 5mm. Thus, it is ultra-thin and sleek. The keys allow one to type very fast as they are mechanically built and designed in that way. It also has backlit keys.

The other features are that it has the usual Windows shortcut keys, if you are familiar with it; it has function keys, ranging from F1 to F12. It also has a touchpad that makes navigation very easy. The other great thing about this keypad is that it also acts as a screen protector.

However, if in case you are looking for the best Surface Pro 3 keyboards; keep in mind the following before you make a purchase.

Design – The design of the keyboard as a whole is very important. Keyboards such as that of the Surface Pro 3 are designed in such a way that not only does it look good, but more importantly it provides for comfort and easy while you type and use the keyboard.

Types of keys – They types of keys in a keyboard are of great importance. It plays a big role in comfort and ease of use. Most keyboards generally use silicone dome switches on the keypad. This means that there is a silicone layer beneath the switches and keys. These silicone switches have the advantages of being cheap and inexpensive, but over a period of time, they will lose responsiveness and springiness and become stiff. Other keyboards, however, use a mechanical stabilizer which is connected to each key. This is called a scissors switch. These are much more comfortable to work with, although there is still a silicone membrane underneath.

Surface Pro 3 uses mechanical switches. These have a totally separate push-button backed by a spring, places behind each key. These are much more comfortable and durable to work with.

Easy shortcuts – Along with the basic QUERTY keyboard, all Windows keyboards will have certain features like Search, Home, Settings, Share and other shortcuts. There are also media controls like Play, Pause and Stop if you want to control music, or video and volume settings. Your chosen keyboard should also have these shortcut keys.

Durability – Since you will be making a big investment in a keyboard, getting a durable one is of great importance. The Surface Pro 3 is one such keyboard that is durable, long lasting and has good value for money. If you use it the right way, it is bound to last you more than its term of actual service.

Portability – Isn’t it a great to have a keyboard that you can easily move from place to place? Well, your keyboard should be easily portable so that you can carry it with you, in your backpack or laptop bag, wherever you go, be it university or for a business meeting!

If you can keep these things in mind before making your pick for a Surface Pro 3 keyboard, it is surely going to be money well spent.

Try the Microsoft Surface Touch keyboard, it includes the best of all the above features. IT is lightweight, 3mm thin, magnetically attaches to your Surface Pro, and works with Pro, Pro 2, 2, and RT.

Thao Nyugen
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