Ten amazing cases for your awesome BlackBerry Passport

One of the most amazing phones by BlackBerry is the recently released BlackBerry Passport. With its release, thousands of people are buying it. Also, as this can be nearly equated to a treasure, they are also looking for means to protect their phone. One of the best effective means for the protection of a phone is a case. So, here is the list of the ten best cases that can be found in the market. These cases can protect your phone while enhancing its attractiveness.

1. StilGut Book Type Case for BlackBerry Passport

StilGut is a very famous company, which is widely recognised all over Europe and US for its high-quality phone cases. The Book Type case is the latest offering from StilGut.

This is a full leather case which is very stylish and strong. It is designed to fit into your Passport perfectly without any hassles. This high-quality leather case is extremely lightweight yet very capable too. Also, its unique design enables it to wake up the phone or put it to sleep when it is opened or closed. It is also very attractive and will gain attention due to its simple yet elegant design. Along with this, the case has the 2-year warranty.


2. TUDIA Ultra Slim LITE TPU Bumper Protective Case

The TUDIA Ultra Slim case is a flexible skin case which is extremely tough and can easily guard your phone against a large number of abrasions. This case is made up of high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), which makes is durable and gives it a good and comfortable grip. Its edges are raised, due to which the screen is protected while kept upside down. Also, it fits perfectly to the devices and has perfect cuts due to which all the features of the phone are readily accessible.


3. SGM Blackberry Passport Case

SGM is a famous New Jersey-based company which aims to create the best products in the line of accessories of major mobile phones and tablets. They offer a wide range of cases for smartphone owners. This case from SGM is extremely stylish, yet it looks and feels sturdy. Also, it has a sleek and lightweight design. The body is rubberised for extra grip too. However, this case isn’t compatible with the AT&T version.


4. BlackBerry ACC-59524-001 Leather Flip Case

This is an original BlackBerry case for the Passport. It is completely made up of high-quality genuine Napa leather, which is very long lasting. This case is very stylish looking too and can attract people easily. It is very slim and fits exactly on the Passport. Also, the case has a lot of smart features like power saving, notifications and you can talk with the cover closed too! These features along with its fantastic build quality make it a true BlackBerry case.


5. BlackBerry Carrying Case for Blackberry Passport

This is yet another genuine leather case from BlackBerry. It looks awesome and feels awesome. It is very durable and can work for years. Also, it looks very professional. It is NFC friendly too. However, it isn’t compatible with the AT&T version.


6. Ringke FUSION Passport Case

The FUSION from Ringke can be easily called the world’s hardest case. This transparent case is designed to keep the beauty of the Passport while strengthening its safety in the process. It has a strong PC back which can resist quite a few scratches and a TPU cushion which can save the phone if it falls from the hand. Also, the case is extremely slim and light, so it doesn’t hamper the touch-screen interface. It includes a DIY kit and guide, which can help you customize it according to your will.


7. AceAbove Blackberry Passport wallet case

The AceAbove wallet case looks extremely good and can help you bag quite a few compliments. It fits perfectly to your phone and is extremely tough, so your phone can survive quite a few hard hits with the help of this case. It has a snap stripe which looks awesome and adds to the overall look of the phone. It is a little thick, but this increases its protection value and makes the phone comfortable to hold. Also, it has a stand feature which can help you watch movies on your Passport comfortably.


8. Genuine BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster

With the BlackBerry Leather swivel holster, you can easily carry your BlackBerry Passport anywhere you go. This pure leather case is designed especially for portability. It features a special swivel belt clip, which can move 360 degrees, and a powerful magnetic stripe so that it can be worn anywhere without the danger of falling off. It also has a power saving technology so that it can power your day.


9. TUDIA Ultra Slim LITE TPU Bumper Protective Case for BlackBerry Passport

The TUDIA Ultra Slim LITE TPU is another excellent presentation from TUDIA. This case is made up of sturdy Thermoplastic Polyurethane and silicone gel. This makes it extremely durable and perfect of the Passport. Also, its soft rubberised grip ensures that you don’t lose hold of it anytime. It has raised edges for maintaining suitable height from the surface. Its unique design ensures full access to all the button and ports of the Passport.


10. ACEABOVE Blackberry Passport Wallet Case Stand Feature

This Wallet case from AceAbove doesn’t only have the stand feature, but also a credit card holder! It is made from genuine Cordoba leather, because of which it looks very good and protects the phone very effectively. It also has a hand strap by which it becomes even more portable.



It is very easy to take a wrong decision while searching for a good case for your new BlackBerry Passport. It is indeed a daunting task, to choose a specific case from an ocean of cases. But this guide will help you in this task so that you can get the best case for the best smartphone.

Thao Nyugen
As editor in chief, Thao Nguyen is responsible for the editorial direction, media platforms, and business strategy of Technology Review.