Top 12 Cool Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases In 2016

Whether you’re searching for a super thin case that still shows off the lovely outline of the Galaxy S6, or something ultra-thick that will have the capacity to withstand pretty much anything you toss at it, we have you secured.

For those searching for great strength, the Otterbox Defender is effortlessly one of the best decisions found beneath, albiet a standout amongst the most costly choices. For those that need security without paying an excessively high price, the Spigen Neo Hybrid ought to do the trap, and it happens to look really decent simultaneously.

The rundown likewise incorporates a couple cases that are specifically from Samsung, those that favor official extras right from the maker.


This case from Urban Armor Gear just costs around less than 30 dollars and there are two colors available gray and clear. The structure of this protector is so light that literally it has no weight. The protection given by this case is maximum as the name suggests armor (the softcore around the edges). The case has a very firm grip on your cell phone so it does not slip out, the greatest advantage being it has passed the military drop test. This case guarantees the scratch-free environment. The problem may arise about the size of the case as it could be the little bit tight.


2. Samsung Cell Phone Case

If you are looking for the protector of your Galaxy S6 Edge then you have come to the right place. This case will give you the optimum protection with such a low price. It comes in 4 different colors namely Gold, Green Silver and the unique black sapphire. Another great feature of this protector is that while giving the protection, it will also reveal your S6 edge features (so a nice look won’t be hidden). There is a technique used in this called Anti-finger printing coating as well (will avoid the impression of your hands on the surface). The only disadvantage of this protector is that it will allow some scratches to your cell phone.


3. Case-Mate Naked Tough with Bumper

Case-Mate Naked Bumper is just ideal for you if you want to have proper protection of your Galaxy S6. The price is affordable just a few bucks, and it is available in so many different colors (you can also find superman theme on this cover). This case is very slim but because of the multiple layers, it gives the high impact protection. This Bumper case also can absorb shock. The surface is transparent and guarantees the scratch-free environment to your cell phone. The only concern about this matter is that it does not fit properly to the phone. Otherwise, the feedback has been great.


4. Ace Teah Premium Slim Fit Shock Proof Cover

This S6 Galaxy edge cover from Ace Teah provides you the perfect protection. All sort of contamination including dirt, fingerprints or dust is not allowed, and it will just cost you around 9 dollars. The cutouts for all the features of the S6 edge have been added to this case and the multiple colors give you the additional choice. The TPU case has great toughness, and it also has moisture proof technique used in this cover. The almost transparent surface of the case reveals all of the back of your S6 Edge. With all the qualities of this case, this is really recommended for your brand new S6.


5. Aroko Luxury Aluminum Ultra-thin Metal Case Cover

Do you want the protection of your S6 Edge with some style? Then this one is truly for you. Seashells Aluminum Ultra-thin cover just gives you the protection which your cell phone needed. Its metal structure (with an addition of plastic) provides you with the high quality back with seashells attached on this. The durability of this case is matchless, and the contamination is kept a distance apart from the cell phone. Some complaint about the size of this case has been reported so a care must be taken regarding this issue before buying.


6. OBLIQ Hard Protection Hybrid Quality Clear Case

This is Platinum Metallic case that is just intended for protecting your Samsung Galaxy S6. The price of this case is around 10 bucks and two different colors are available Gold Platinum and Satin Silver. It gives the protection against any drop, slippages of your cell phone (and also guarantees the scratch free surface). Totally reveals your Galaxy S6 edge and this Obliq Premium is very light in weight. The great advantage of having this cover is to have the ultimate drop protection and customers love this.


7. Caseology DIY Customization Hybrid Dual Bumper Case

This is the hybrid dual bumper case and the price of this case is not too high just 13 dollars. The protection provided by the case aims to protect your S6 from scratches (and it also protects scratches onto the camera). The fabrication of this case has been done by using TPU polycarbonate and this technique allows the maximum protection against any sort of impact. There are multiple colors available in this case Gold, Silver, and Pink. The back of the phone is revealed and shows off the Galaxy S6. Another great thing is that it covers the edges as well thus gives the protection in all directions.


8. OBLIQ Thin Slim Fit Scratch Resist Cover

Looking for the protection of your Galaxy S6 with some quality and style? Then this Obliq Metallic Polycarbonate case will fit your need. This case aims to provide you the scratch-free environment and metallic structure of the case give the greater protection. It just costs you 15 bucks and multiple colors are also available in this case. The resistance presented by the case of any shock or drop is way more than useful than the other cases. Access to all the features of the cell phone has been included in this case as well. The grip of the case on the device is greater and that’s why the customer’s feedback has been positive overall.


9. Maxboost SOFT-Interior Scratch Protection

This case is presented by the Maxboost Vibrance Series and its unique soft interior of the case gives the scratch free guarantee to your smartphone. The price of this instance is just around 10 dollars and two different colors are also available for you Italian Rose and Turquoise Blue (a unique colors mind you). The durability of this case is just far greater than any other case out there as it is indicated by the lifetime guarantee given by the manufacturer. This case gives you the all around protection and the perfect size of the case will grip the cell phone very tightly. You might not face any serious concern about this Maxboost Vibrance Series as most of the things deem fit.


10. Bestdeal Case Leather Folio

This Bestdeal is truly a multi-purpose protection case for best smartphone. It will just cost you around 7 dollars and its PU leather enables it to give the optimum protection to the cell phone. There are two card slots and one other pocket available in this case to allow you to have different cards alongside your mobile phone. Additionally stand is also attached to this case enables you to watch a movie without even holding it. This one is probably the most stylish case with so many different themes available.


11. Verus Case For Galaxy S6 Edge

This Verus Case is truly a multi-purpose protection case. The inner pockets attached in this case allow you to have ID, credit or Atm cards. With cheap price and it’s looking exactly like a wallet (with three different colors of Brown, Black and Warm Gray). Alongside with all the features and the great protection, this case also gives you some sort of stand (so you don’t need to hold your phone all the time). The durability of this case is somehow not guaranteed but overall an excellent protector.


12. Landfox Floral Dream Catcher Case Cover

You would love to protect your brand new smartphone of Samsung with the fingerprints, dust, scratches and all sort of other contamination. Then Campanula Mandala Catches seems to give you the solution. It just costs around 2 bucks or so. The size of the case is such as if it is built in with the Galaxy S6. The weight of this case is very light and gives you the complete access to all the buttons and the features of the Galaxy S6. Well, the only disadvantage with this instance is that it won’t probably last for that long otherwise everything is just perfect given the price and other factors.


That’s all the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases we have for now, but we’ll add to this roundup as new cases worthy of your consideration hit the market.

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