Top 5 OnePlus X Cases In 2016

The OnePlus X needs protection. There are now many cases available for this awesome smartphone. The casing can provide hard plastic protection for the device as well as bring a new aesthetic feeling to it. Some cases come with enclosed top and cutouts for the Alert Slider and headphone jack. This makes operating your phone feel normal while it is being protected from all angles by the casing.

1. IVSO OnePlus X Case

OnePlus X Case, IVSO® OnePlus X Case


  • The IVSO is specifically designed for the OnePlus X
  • It provide double protection for the OnePlus X with a hard plastic case protecting the exterior of the phone and a soft rubber gel silicone keep the inside of the phone comfortable and well protected


  • The IVSO OnePlus X case is backed by lifetime warranty and an excellent customer service.
  • It allows easy access to all ports, camera, sensors, etc., while providing a perfect fit.
  • It provides a comfortable feeling on the hand.

Buy-On-Amazon-Button2. Nagebee Hybrid Armor Case Cover

OnePlus X Case, Nagebee


  • It provides impact protection with the hard shell inner enclosure construction.
  • It also provides protection against drops with the double-thick silicone in the corner of the case.
  • It is makes your phone to be durable by absorbing impact force.


  • The Nagebee armor case cover comes with a hardback case that is capable of changing into a locking-belt swivel phone case.
  • The locking swivel belt clip allows you to enjoy different viewing positions with your phone.

Buy-On-Amazon-Button3. Abacus24-7 OnePlus X Flip Cover

OnePlus X Case Abacus24-7


  • It is available in different color variants
  • It can be used as a wallet case
  • It provides an ideal fitting for your OnePlus X since it is specifically designed for it.


  • It is made from high quality synthetic leather so that it can protect your phone for long.
  • It provides three layers of protection. It protects the interior of the phone as well as the exterior.

Buy-On-Amazon-Button4. Tauri Dual Lawyer Hybrid Defender Armor Case Cover

OnePlus X Case Tauri Protective CaseFeatures

  • It is lightweight.
  • It is easy to put on the phone.
  • It provides a perfect fit for your phone.


  • The Tauri armor case cover is designed to protect your phone against dirt, dust, debris, scratches and accidental drops.
  • It designed specifically for the OnePlus X so that it can provide a perfect fitting
  • It preserves the normal feeling of your phone; you can still make unrestricted use of volume buttons, camera, microphone, and others.

Buy-On-Amazon-Button5. LK Ultra Silicone Protective Case Cover

OnePlus C Case LK OnePlus X Wallet Case


  • It is available in different color variants
  • It is designed specifically for the OnePlus X
  • It provides adequate protection for your phone.


  • It is manufactured from materials that are shatterproof, shock absorbent and scratch-free.
  • It is designed in a unique way so that it not only protects your device but also allows unrestricted access to ports and control buttons.


Thao Nyugen
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