Everybody has a cherished material possession that we all love to protect, be it from dust, water, rust or any foreign element that can ruin its beauty or efficiency.

Gadgets like the cellphone, e-book reader and tablet are just some of the things that we’re very keen on protecting from unwanted scratches, marks, and bumps. Not only because they’re expensive, but also because they provide users a different kind of comfort and convenience.

However, tablets seem to be the most sought after gizmo in the market nowadays. There’s also no denying that it is by far, one of the greatest competitors of desktop computers and laptops. Tablets can practically do almost everything – basic typing, downloading, video streaming and a host of other things. That being said, it’s only fair to give this most revered device the kind of protection that it truly deserves, a top quality case.


Before buying the surface pro 3 cases, you have to know the dimensions (height and width) of your tablet first. By doing so, you’re gonna save a lot of time in finding the perfect fit for your gadget.

Another important thing to consider is the kind of material used. Do you want the cover to be metallic, leather, silicone or neoprene type? Do you want it to be model specific or universal? Last but not the least, where do you intend to buy? Is it online, in a department store or gadget shop?

A tablet case is of no use if it only enhances the aesthetic aspect of the device. The important factor that determines its usefulness is the capacity to live up to the expectations of users. To help you decide, let’s try to dissect the heart of the matter into three categories: durability, flexibility, and price.


The following are different names are given by manufacturers for covers and cases and their respective use:

  • Sleeve – A tablet sleeve is typically made of foam padding and other soft materials. It is mostly used when in transit. It doesn’t offer much protection during the actual use of a tablet, but it can protect your gadget from minor scratches, dust, and bumps. This type is commonly used by business professionals and students.
  • Skin – A tablet skin is usually made of vinyl and clear coating that can be easily repositioned without the hassle of having messy hands. The majority of tablet skins are available in different colors and images. It’s a sure fire way of expressing your personal statement or colorful personality. Just like a tablet sleeve, it only provides limited protection to your gadget from dirt and minor scratches.
  • Case – A tablet case can be made of different materials, the most common would be the silicone and leather. This is perfect for bumps, falls and scratches since it covers the entire body of the device. Most cases also have provision for slots and holes for ports. If you always use your tablet and you have this tendency to be clumsy at times, then this option is good for you.
  • Folio – A tablet covered by folio looks like a book. It basically covers the front, back and sides of the gadget. It could have a magnetic flap or an elastic cord to hold the device in place. Most folios are made of combined leather, fabric, and plastic. Just like a tablet case, it can also resist dirt, bumps, falls, and scratches.


As far as flexibility is concerned, a tablet case is by far the best option there is when it comes to offering an array of protection and features. It can withstand bumps, falls, dust, dirt, and scratches. It also comes in different colors and designs. Not only that, some have a stand that can hold the tablet in place, have a built-in keyboard or USB for added convenience, a pocket to keep the stylus and/or cord, a reading light and other features for personalization and customization.


The price may vary depending on the type that you’re gonna buy. If it’s for a specific model, chances are, it’s quite pricey compared to the generic or universal type since it’s specifically made for the brand. However, according to some users, the universal type of covers work just the same as the ones designed for particular brands. The only notable difference is that they are less expensive. Meanwhile, if you want to have a good deal, try checking online stores such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, and Etsy. Price range from $10 below to over $40 depending on the type that you’re getting.

On a final note, the aphorism “Prevention is better than cure.” also holds true for our gadgets. You might think it’s not necessary to have a case for your tablet because you’re a very careful user, but you’ll never know what will happen in the future. It still best to be prepared now than to be sorry later.

Thao Nyugen
As editor in chief, Thao Nguyen is responsible for the editorial direction, media platforms, and business strategy of Technology Review.